Where Are They Now 2018: Zvezda Deuling

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Zvezda Deuling, graduate of Eastern Michigan University focusing on marketing and communications. While in the Digital Summer Clinic with Center for Digital Engagement, Zvezda was a digital marketing specialist intern with Ripple Science.

Why CDE Internship?

Zvezda had gone back to school to finish her bachelor’s degree. Graduating spring 2018, she wanted to take the leap into marketing. With the number of connections the clinic had to offer, she applied for the internship. Zvezda saw this as a unique opportunity to kickoff her career.

“I was a student of Bud’s and hearing about what the clinic had to offer, I knew the experience would propel me into the career I wanted.”

Experience Gained at the Clinic?

The most valuable thing Zvezda learned was how to be flexible. Working with a startup company there are many different opportunities presented and new things to work on. Not focusing on just one project during the internship, Zvezda had to be very self motivated.

She was doing a little bit of everything such as Google Ads campaigns, SEO evaluation (where the company stood and could improve), reporting analytics, writing blog posts, and even tweaking the website for a better user experience. Zvezda fully invested herself into the internship with Ripple Science. Going above and beyond, she spent extra hours each week on her work and growing her skill set.

“You have to be motivated to find the answers and continually educate yourself.”

Where Are You Now?

Zvezda’s hard work paid off this summer. Ripple Science offered her a full-time position as communications marketing manager. Ripple Science has their sights set on expanding into the pharmaceutical industry, which Zvezda will be assisting in on through her marketing efforts.
“My work entails digital marketing tasks (Google Ads, Analytics, etc.), creating and executing a marketing plan, strengthening Ripple Science’s overall message, gaining more leads, and managing social networks.”

For Future Interns with CDE

“Invest yourself in your company, what you’ll learn in eight weeks at a startup is equal to months elsewhere. Take advantage of all the opportunities around you. Connect with the panelist, professionals and interns in your cohort to develop your own network. They all have amazing, unique experiences to share, that you can learn and grow from.”

A Thank You to CDE

Thank you to the clinic for giving me the opportunity to immerse myself in the real-world of marketing. The clinic encouraged me to push my boundaries, continually learn new aspects of marketing, and navigate unexpected challenges.

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