Full Stack Customer Experience

October 26, 2018 Center for Digital Engagement hosted Full Stack Customer Experience at Ann Arbor Spark.

Featured company, Ripple Science discussed challenges and growth of customer experience. Kim Brown, Senior Marketing Manager at Duo Security, led the discussion with Peter Falzon (CEO of Ripple Science), Zvezda Duling (communications marketing manager for Ripple Science and CDE Summer 2018 intern), and Nate Baines (CDE Summer 2018 Intern).

What is Ripple

Ripple is a web-based software solution and active registry that facilitates the recruitment and management of research participants for clinical, translational and social science studies. Built from the ground up by researchers for researchers to truly transform participant workflow, Ripple is an end-to-end research participant management software that accelerates the entire research life cycle. (Taken from Ripple Science)

Peter explains how Ripple is a cloud based suite of tools that allow study coordinators to follow standard tools and processes to be more effective and efficient when recruiting the patient. Also maintaining them so you don’t lose them.

Which particular challenges do you face as an organizations?

Visibility among target audiences. “As we build and introduce our services, we have to understand who our target audience is and how do we become known. That is what Zvezda is now hired to do,” said Peter. Continuing with visibility, Zvezda explains that when someone searches for key terms, they need to be found, “becoming the Gold Standard across the industry”. Increasing reach is very important right now added Nate.

To Zvezda and Nate, Kim asked what they had done during this summer as interns to find the target audience and learn who they are.

The customer experience

“We understand you are not trained in marketing and patient recruitment. We’re here to make your life easier. We are the tool you open when you come in the morning to see what’s going on with your study and patients. It will make your life managing the whole processes more organized, efficient, and allow you more time on research,” Peter said.

“Researchers are speaking a different language so we hired people who speak their language. You won’t have someone just selling you something, you will have someone who has gone through that experience and can speak to what they are going through… We are making the product for them and then giving a team to support them from start to finish,” added Zvezda.

Being a cloud based service, how do you improve the perception of the cloud?

Ripple has a 30 page security write up of their company to ease concerns. Security is a priority for Ripple. The panel explains how cloud service is much safer than servers for many reasons but one is that there are more professionals making it better all the time. 
To learn more about Ripple Science visit their website at ripplescience.com 

Peter Falzon on CDE

“Ripple Science experience with the intern program was so positive that one of our interns is now the manager of digital marketing.”

Kim Brown on CDE

“The panel with Zvezda and Nate demonstrates the relevance, timeliness, and strength of the program EMU and Bud are running.”

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