Digital Marketing Workshop: Knowing Your Customer

November 16, 2018, Center for Digital Engagement hosted
Kim Brown, senior marketing manager of Duo Security, led the panel for Knowing Your Customer at The Digital Marketing Workshop. Kim is a graduate of EMU and currently serves on the board of EMU’s Center for Digital Engagement. She helps assist and mentor students in the CDE summer clinic internship. In October Kim was the moderator at CDE’s Full Stack Customer Experience

Jon Beebe

“We look at data as the DNA of our customers.”

Jon is the director of customer lifecycle management, data, and analytics for General Motors. He discussed what he and his team do to look at customer data to better communicate with them. Jon explained how an excel sheet for your customer’s information helps you stay organized. When you engage with a customer, you update that information. Keep up the data hygiene as Jon says.  

Jenn Hayman

Jenn is the Director of Marketing for Zingerman’s Service Network. Her team of designers, illustrators, developers, writers, etc. provide the marketing and merchandising needs of the full range of Zingerman’s businesses, from websites to retail environments and everything in between. You may have read the Expert Advice blog on Jenn or see her moderate CDE’s Accelerating the Sales Force.

While speaking at the workshop, Jenn explained what Zingerman’s is doing to promote their different sectors of business and the challenges that go along with it. Gathering customer data helps plan for the future and how to engage with them. 

Tim Schaden

“Think like a customer, not like a corporation.”

Tim is Co-Founder and CEO Fluency Media and Breadcrumb Insights. He is focused on questions challenging the health care industry, such as; how do people make healthcare decisions when they don’t understand the language, the process or the pricing? One way Tim discussed doing is building a 360 view of your customer. Who are they? How valuable are they? What do they do on your site? Analytics are your friends when building a model of your customers. To serve them you must understand them. 

To see sides from our panel’s presentation, please visit The Digital Marketing Workshop agenda page

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