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Zoe Lindsey of Duo Security stopped by Ann Arbor Spark Headquarters to share some nuggets of wisdom with 2019 Clinic Interns. As a recruiter at Duo, Zoe knows a good resume from a medicore one and a really bad one doesn’t even make it into her hands. (kidding, they do)

Zoe doesn’t like bad resumes because she wants to see the Ann Arbor Clinic Interns and other job-seekers succeed. She gave us five great tips to nail your next job hiring process:

1. STOP using your template cover letter.
Save them for top 3 jobs! These top three jobs are the ones you want the most and meet the most requirements for. After you find these three jobs, write a cover letter from your heart. Have it convey you. Talk about what ignited a spark for you about this job. This will stick out to recruiters like Zoe.

2. DON’T shy away from discussing your weaknesses. 
Be prepared for the hard questions. Zoe’s personal favorite, how do you learn? Be honest. Be prepared to tell them what you don’t have experience on them. Then tell them why it isn’t a problem. You may only match up to 70-80% of the jobs requirements. Don’t neglect to discuss your weaknesses. Tell them how you can work with them to fill your knowledge gaps. Solve the problem before it comes one later down the road.

3. DO your homework. Dig up everything available to you on the company. Read all their blogs, news articles and team member bios. Check LinkedIn profiles. Do you share any connections you could mention in an interview? Immerse yourself in their brand. Is this company the right fit for you?

4. DO Write a Skimmable Resume: Keep it brief and as skimmable as possible. Key phrases and words will stick out to recruiters. They do not individually read every line. Bullet point what you have done, not what you do!

5. DO Apply to Interesting Companies. Find companies which hold your genuine interest. Find companies that share common ground with your values, beliefs or interest. If you don’t you are dis-servicing yourself and the company.

Thank you Zoe for empowering Ann Arbor Spark Interns with this invaluable knowledge!

Connect with Zoe on Linked In.

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