CDE Information Session Recap

The Center for Digital Engagement hosted an information session to let students know all of the ins and outs of the 9 week digital marketing internship.

The Executive’s in Residence such as Jenn Hayman, Director of Marketing for Zingerman’s, and Eric Wortman, Account Executive at Google, introduced themselves and expressed the value they believe students will gain from this experience.

We heard from a panel of past interns who have successfully completed the internship and have now launched themselves into careers in digital marketing. Makenna Giles, who worked with LawnGuru, continued to work with them after the internship. She says that she never would’ve given this company a look if it weren’t for this opportunity. She loves the creative freedom she has to do graphic design and content creation and loves how the opportunity has grown her confidence in her skills.

Gabby Miller worked with TrueJob and learned the importance of the ‘fail faster’ method we preach in the internship. She quickly realized that she doesn’t enjoy writing blogs or articles and would rather spend her time producing content for social media. She now works at Nachi Robotics as a Marketing Specialist.

We also heard from some of the companies that got to benefit from our CDE interns. Sam Chuisano, from LiquidGoldConcept, expressed she loved that the interns brought in skill sets that were different from one another and she even ended up learning things from them! Dave Morin from Impellia said that his interns did a great job adjusting to start-up life culture. At Impellia, it is important to be self-directed and work independently, and his interns did just that.

The CDE is looking forward to gaining 48 new interns this summer to provide a great experience as mentioned above. Are you interested in being a part of this unique experience? Apply now.

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