Design Principles & Tips – Digital Live with Jordan Prisby

This is Jordan Prisby, a design and video creator.

Jordan Prisby was our first guest on Digital Live (every Thursday at 6 pm on our Facebook page</a >)! She gave us a great look into some of the principles of design and video editing. These tips are very actionable and simple for those of us who may not have a lot of design experience.

I’ve summarized the main points of the interview below, but it is also entertaining to watch!

Jordan’s Background

Jordan Prisby is a Media Arts and Studies major at Wayne State University. She is a digital marketing specialist at AuraLabs, a company that created an app that claims to “change your life through deep breathing.” As if she wasn’t busy enough, just last month, Jordan began as a video editing coach at Microsoft. I asked Jordan to be a part of our first digital live because I read her blog post</a > about design and think she has a lot to teach us.

Jordan won a competition in her design class for this design. It was put on a T-Shirt that she wore in the interview.


Design & Video Editing Tip for Beginners

  • Negative Space – Use to reinforce the concepts in your design and make certain elements pop.
  • Storytelling – Show, don’t tell. Show the character in your video doing something rather than explaining it. It helps people feel like they’ve experienced what you’re showing them.
  • Picture yourself as your audience – Put out things that you would personally find engaging and interesting.
  • Just do it – Don’t make content creation an elaborate process. Just make something with the equipment and software you have available.


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