Company Interviews are Underway!

As our recruiting season starts to die down, we have started interviewing potential companies for the Digital Summer Clinic. Over the next few weeks, we evaluate each of their project descriptions and determine who will go forward in the Clinic.

Here are a few of the company representatives we have spoken with:

  • Eric Petersen – FleetLab: Eric’s company, FleetLab, is dedicated to redesigning systems for company vehicles, such as vans, trucks, and buses, to improve their energy efficiency. Currently, they are focused on rural areas and schools, as well as the Upper Peninsula and Allegan County. They are looking for interns to produce video and written content to promote their services.
  • Harry Yang – Zonder Studios: Harry’s company, Zonder, has produced a mobile app that turns travel into a game by rewarding players for exploring new locations. The company has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to further develop the app. Zonder is looking for marketing, development, or user experience interns.
  • Dawn Verbrighhe – Jottful: Dawn represents Jottful, which is a company that offers professional website creation services to small businesses. They are currently undergoing an expansion and almost turned down the Clinic this year due to the volume of new customers. Luckily, they now have enough employees to manage interns, and they are looking for people skilled in digital marketing.
  • Arnold Kadiu – Intermode: Intermode is a robotics firm that specializes in autonomous food and grocery delivery. The company has been in the market for over a year now, though the Co-Founders have been involved in other projects together for much longer. Intermode is looking to promote itself to customers and local governments, so marketing and PR interns are key here.
  • Perry Samson – LearningClues LLC: Perry’s company is focused on using AI to record college classes, figure out what the course is about, and create a search engine for knowledge related to the course. The company is heavily focused on development at the moment, and they are seeking to add a feature that automatically generates study guides. From the Clinic, LearningClues is hoping to gain content creation or sales interns.

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