Where We Are in the Recruiting Process

Applications closed on April 30th, which now leads us to our upcoming Intern Interview process. Find out the latest news about our upcoming Digital Summer Clinic!

Intern Application Status

  • The application period is over, and we have received 320 applications this year!
  • On May 4th we will begin sending out invitations to set up interviews starting May 9th.
  • For two weeks, all interviews will be conducted between 12 pm and 4 pm via Zoom on Monday through Friday.

Company recruiting

  • We have spoken with 29 companies and plan on working with 24 of them.
  • The companies we have interviewed range from industries like robotics, gaming, advertising, biotech, Advaita, etc.
  • Opportunities are available for remote work, in-person work, and hybrid work. Most companies are seeking interns for hybrid roles.

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