Gain Confidence at the CDE Summer Clinic

Sasha Brown is a CDE Summer Clinic 2019 Intern with Shoptelligence. She is currently completing her Master’s of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications at Eastern Michigan University. Sasha completed her undergraduate degree December 2018. She stumbled upon the CDE Summer Clinic Internship via an email from Eastern Michigan University sometime March. Three months after graduating,Continue reading “Gain Confidence at the CDE Summer Clinic”

Student Intern Spotlight: Autumn Chall

The Center for Digital Engagement Summer Clinic is an internship for students of all majors and degrees. Autumn Chall, a CDE Clinic 2019 Intern, demonstrates how her unique psychology background has helped her participate in her internship at Ripple Science. According to, Ripple is a web-based software for CROs, Principal Investigators and Project Coordinators. AutumnContinue reading “Student Intern Spotlight: Autumn Chall”

Choosing the Perfect Internship for You

Are you a college student or recent graduate looking to gain real-world experience in your career field? The Center for Digital Engagement at EMU wants to help connect you with the perfect internship for your career. 1. Career Goals. What is your dream job? Identify your ultimate dream job, don’t hold back! Plenty of peopleContinue reading “Choosing the Perfect Internship for You”

How to Have a Successful Interview

Welcome! You’ve applied for the job and successfully received an interview! You’re wondering if you’re going to get the job, what questions they’re going to ask and how you can make things go smoothly. Interviews can be stressful to say the least! You are already on the right path though because whether you’ve stumbled upon this post orContinue reading “How to Have a Successful Interview”

How to Get Hired | Zoe Lindsey of Duo Security

Zoe Lindsey of Duo Security stopped by Ann Arbor Spark Headquarters to share some nuggets of wisdom with 2019 Clinic Interns. As a recruiter at Duo, Zoe knows a good resume from a medicore one and a really bad one doesn’t even make it into her hands. (kidding, they do) Zoe doesn’t like bad resumesContinue reading “How to Get Hired | Zoe Lindsey of Duo Security”

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