Launching Your Career in Digital

So, you want to work in digital? The Center for Digital Engagement can help! The clinic recently had a panel of three guests with extensive digital experiences answer questions from panel moderator Kim Brown and talk with the class about launching their career in digital. Read more about our guest speakers in our Meet the Speaker series. 

Jorel McCree, Chad Wiebesick, and Eric Wortman, sat down with our clinic interns to give them advice on launching their career in digital with the actions they took that led them to their success in digital marketing. 

Jorel said students should treat this internship as a real job because they are learning so much.

“Every time we would have guest speakers, I would be sure to listen to everything they said, and follow up with them.” Said Jorel. “Don’t be afraid to put this experience on your resume, it’s the same experience employers are looking for. You add value when you can do your specialized tasks, but also, know about other information to help the other areas of a business.”

Chad stated that his most successful actions included networking and getting to know people, while also getting them to know him. He said the key to being successful in any industry is passion. 

Chad explained, “Specific skill sets are important; knowing the business platforms can be taught, but being a good story teller, writer and being passionate are harder to teach.”

Eric’s advice on starting a successful career in digital is to have an interest and passion for the job and learn as much as you can where ever you are. 

Eric said, “Talk to the different people in your organization to learn about their role. Larger companies will be more specialized but you can speak their language by knowing a bit about everything.”

  • Participate in internships that give you real world experiences
  • Listen to those who’ve come before you
  • Follow up with the people you meet
  • You have experience, showcase it!
  • Get to know people, but also get them to know you
  • Learn as much as you can about as much as you can
  • Have a passion
  • Practice storytelling and writing

“It seemed like I was having fun, but I was gaining real world experience.” -Jorel McCree

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