Wrapping Up The Digital Summer Clinic!

Our interns have learned a lot this summer! Here’s what they had to say about their unique opportunity in the Digital Summer Clinic!
Nick Staroba – TrueJob
Nick said, “Having this internship helped me learn that I’m at the point in my life where I should be operating my own company.” Nick will be continuing his current full-time employment and finishing up his education at Washtenaw Community College and Eastern Michigan University. He also plans to pursue a freelancing and a career in iOS development. Nick said the Digital Summer Clinic helped reinforce his future career choices and enjoyed the opportunity to explore the Ann Arbor tech and marketing industry.

Joshua Truitt – AdAdapted
“I learned how to use Android Studio, the basics of Swift and Xcode, and I learned more about video creation through creating my tutorial videos. I also learned what it was like to work in a professional environment in a specialized field,” said Joshua. His plans after completion of the internship include going back to school and working a job. Joshua said, “I feel like I got to dip my feet in the software industry, and it was great to get a taste of what it would be like. I’ve always said that I’d either like to work in software or with French and, after a good experience, I’d say that this internship affirmed that choice.”

Andy Kapelanski – AdAdapted
Andy said the best part of his internship was learning his value, benchmarking his performance with peers and getting out of his comfort zone to network in a relaxed environment. After the internship, Andy is finishing up his degree and will continue to intern with Flipsi while also pursuing other career opportunities. “This internship made me realize that I enjoy analytics and turning bulk data into relevant information and affirmed that I do enjoy my field of study, but made me realize how many marketing specializations there are,” said Andy.

Dorothy Gacioch – Ascape Audio
“I would absolutely recommend this experience! I have had chances to attend several networking events, volunteer for tech events, meet professionals in my field, and listened to distinguished speakers. I gained real experience working for a fantastic local startup company by photographing products, preparing online ads for social media, designing large-scale print ads, tracking and analyzing business progress, and analyzing website activity, improving it for a better and stronger user experience.” said Dorothy. She is going back to school for the fall semester but will be graduating in the spring and looking for a job in graphic design. After completing this internship, Dorothy said she is more open to the tech and it has opened her considerations for potential positions!

Andrea Scheffler – ShapeLog

I would highly recommend this internship! I learned how to effectively take what I’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world business situations and that office culture is just as important as the work you’re actually doing for the company. High-quality marketing material and social media content can really make or break a company’s sales, especially for a startup. Working for a startup is great, and it allows you to fill many different roles.” Said Andrea. After the internship, Andrea will return to school to finish her degree and will be applying for digital marketing or event planning jobs after graduation. “This internship helped me see that digital marketing really is one of the things I love to do. I love creating content and making meaningful material for companies to use. This experience helped me confirm that I’m in the correct field.”

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