The Digital Marketing Workshop: Student Session

Left to right; Nicholas Woods, Joseph Challender, Adam Panek, Madeline Reinbolt, Mark Rosiek, Alondra Ramos-Herrera, Gabrielle Miller, Bryanna Gardner, Molly Boychuk, Zvezda Deuling, Samantha Blovits, Nathan R Baines, Toria Beckum, and Steven Zarbo.

November 16, 2018, Center for Digital Engagement hosted The Digital Marketing Workshop.

During the coffee break between panels, this year’s past summer interns with CDE discussed their experience with the program. Twelve of the twenty-five interns came equip with laptops to show slideshows of their responsibilities, challenges, and successes. 

“It was great to reconnect with our internship cohort and see what everyone is now doing. I realized how much we’ve grown as a group!”- Zvezda Deuling

About the program

The Center for Digital Engagement offers a summer clinic internship which places teams of interns with high tech startups. Interns work with their assigned startup company for eight weeks involved in digital marketing efforts. The interns consist of current students and recent graduates. The startups receive a boost of assistance and expertise with a clearly defined mission. Clinic interns receive valuable work experience with a support group at CDE. 

A Student’s perspective

You will receive the support you need during an internship. As an intern, you have the opportunity to hear from real professionals in digital marketing and are able to connect with them. You will gain mentors and friends with CDE clinic. 

The Student Session

Attendees of The Digital Marketing Workshop filled the room to meet the CDE summer clinic interns. Booths with the partnered interns demonstrated their duties and achievements as interns list past summer. Some questions asked was about what the interns worked on with their startup companies, what they have done now post internship, and about their plans for the future. 
“I enjoyed sharing my experience, and the startup’s progress with those who stopped by the table Alondra (intern partner) and I were at. It was a great way for people at the Workshop to see the hard work and dedication EMU College of Business, CDE, and Ann Arbor SPARK has set up to ensure the success of the interns.” – Melanie Henrikson

“Working for Ripple Science full time now, I felt like it was a great to talk about the company and my role there. It made for great way to start conversations with people at the Workshop I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise” – Zvezda Deuling

Photo Credit Cody Ryan Martell and Frog Prince Studios

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