The Digital Marketing Workshop: Steve Lowisz

November 16, 2018, Center for Digital Engagement hosted
Steve Lowisz speaks with a balance of energy and motivation.  As the lunch keynote speaker at the 2018 Digital Marketing Workshop, he demonstrated just that. Steve is the founder and CEO of Qualigence International. Qualigence is a talent research and recruitment firm. They offer an a la carte menu of professional services. 

How Data is Used For Recruiters

Steve spoke about how data is used in recruitment, how your online profile represents who you are, and behaviors of a candidate.  Like marketing where advertisements of products and services can be placed in front of the right people, recruiters can do the same with job descriptions using data. Recruiters can use data to understand candidates and predict performance. 

“18 month turn over is at 80% right now.”

How do we fix overturn? We need to look at the whole person Steve explains. There are more aspects of a good worker than experience and skills, “Look at the heart,” Steve said. The heart is a person’s values, interests, why they are applying for said job. What are their motivations? What is their personality? Look at the whole person, Steve suggests. 

Kroger Reward Card to LinkedIn

We have gotten into a habit of giving our information out to others. Steve discussed most of us have a Kroger Plus Card where we gave our address, phone number, name, and date of birth. Doing this was scary for many people at the beginning, but it ended up becoming such a routine action.

Steve mentioned how with social media, we give so much information about ourselves out on the internet. With LinkedIn, you start with your profile. On that profile, you gave the world your resume.  You took your Kroger Card to the internet. That is when targeting recruitment started. Recruiters can receive that information that is public about you and use keyword searching to find the right candidate for a job. 

A Little Story

How can your data hurt you? Steve shared the story of Kevin Colvin who worked at a bank. He told his boss that he was going to miss work due to a “family emergency.” But, he went to a Halloween party and put his photo on Facebook. His boss saw the photo and fired him that night. Steve was demonstrating the importance of what you share can come back to bite you.

To see the slides from Steve’s talk and the photo Kevin Colvin shared, please visit The Digital Marketing Workshop agenda page.

Photo Credit Cody Ryan Martell

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