Please join us for AdAdapted and Backyard Brains, sponsor: Duo

Please join us for the second session of our Fall summit series with Molly McFarland, co-founder of AdAdapted, and Greg Gage, co-founder of Backyard Brains, (registration link) at SPARK Central, 330 East Liberty, October 28 at 9 AM. 

AdAdapted and Backyard Brains, though quite different, face a similar issue, optimizing their web presence to increase leads and sales. AdAdapted’s challenge is in the B2B space, attracting both mobile developers to incorporate their ad platform and Fortune 500 clients to tap their network of apps for advertising. Backyard Brains sells low cost neuroscience research kits to parents, educators, and cash-strapped researchers. How can Backyard Brains increase the likelihood that motivated web visitors will turn into actual customers? This is going to be an exciting show! Please sign up now while seats remain.

Significantly, both companies have executed their web sales strategies using interns from local universities, a number of whom have joined as full time employees after graduating. We are targeting this Fall’s summit series, and this summit in particular, at those seeking to solve tough digital marketing problems making use of local talent pools. Both founders and members of their team will describe how they conceived and executed their growth strategy as well as future directions.

This Fall, we are pleased to welcome Duo as our Gold sponsor. Over the past few years, Duo has developed a strong reputation of community support, and we are grateful to them for helping enable this series at no cost to attendees.

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