Two Critical Electives for Marketing Students in Today’s Job Market

The Center for Digital Engagement invites you to take one or both of EMU’s digital marketing electives in Winter 2017. Students who have taken these courses have had tremendous success in the Metro Detroit job market, earning starting salaries in the 40s, 50s, and even 70s depending on their prior experience. Detroit is experiencing a digital marketing boom, and the supply of skilled entry level job applicants is tight.

As you may know, Bud Gibson, The Center for Digital Engagement’s director, has just moved from CIS to the Marketing Department at EMU, and Bud’s courses can now count as Marketing electives even though they still have the IS numbering. The great thing about both courses, whether taken together or in sequence, is that they take you from novice to professional with no expectation of prior experience.

What are the courses? How do you sign up?

  • IS239: Google AdWords and Web Page Design (T 6:30-9:10 PM). This course teaches you the secrets of targeting customers searching on the web for the things your company sells. The course is unique to EMU. No other university in the Midwest (or even the US) has a course like IS239. Students work with real organizations and manage their monthly advertising budgets of $10,000 per month. Students put this course in the experience section of their resumes, and it garners immediate employer interest. Any student may sign up for this course. We will run a wait list if the course fills up and run additional sections if need be. Contact Bud ( if you have any questions.
  • IS339: Google Analytics and Landing Page Optimization (W 6:30-9:10 PM). This course teaches you how to turn digital visitors into customers, one of the most sought after skills in online businesses today (and every business is in some way online). Just like IS239, you work with real organizations with real advertising budgets of $10,000 per month. You learn how to analyze visitor behavior and organize your digital experience to get those visitors to more readily become customers. Again, employers will notice this course on your resume and treat it as a mark of distinction. Normally, we require IS239 as a pre-req for this course, but Bud is happy to waive that if you can demonstrate significant prior web experience. Contact Bud ( if you have any questions or have any trouble signing up.

Eastern is becoming a recognized regional leader in digital marketing. Our training program takes novices and makes them competent entry level professionals. Students who work hard and master the material achieve great outcomes.

Join Bud this Winter and take your first step toward a great career. Please contact Bud by email ( or phone (734-926-9560) if you have questions. Everybody in EMU’s Marketing Department is excited to have Bud on board and to be able to offer these opportunities to our students.

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