ContentOro Revolutionizes Book Content

“We want to help our customers effectively use content to be better advertisers and marketers,” said Bob Chunn, founder of ContentOro, who will be speaking about his innovative digital company as the second installment of the Digital Marketing Summit Fall 2017 Series at Ann Arbor Spark on Friday, October 13.

For Chunn, ContentOro came to light in 2014, after realizing that there was a need for content on websites to gain organic searches. With the help of his background as a director of digital at Border’s before they closed their doors, he knew there were many books with a lot of content that could help companies get recognized online.

To get this content to companies, Chunn and his team developed a software that could help break a book down into individual articles to be used online. By the end of 2015 this software was live. They obtained their first customer at the beginning of 2016, and since then, have been able to help provide content for some of the biggest brands in the world.

When asked how ContentOro measures their success, Chunn said that they do so by “…getting our customers to believe they are in the right place.”

Their customers so far have seen an increase in pageviews and longer visits. This is a critical statistic for the company to measure their success with because it demonstrates that their content leads to an increase in customers. Due to ContentOro’s success so far, the company has been able to gain the attention from larger agencies as well.

Chunn and his company are very pleased to continue to work with EMU’s Center for Digital Engagement and have seen great results from interns they have obtained through it.

“We have had a great stream of EMU people come in. They are willing to work hard, are very excited about what we are doing, and are talented enough to keep up with us to learn new things,”  said Candace Chapman, the VP of Marketing and Sales for ContentOro.

Chunn is, “Happy to be able to come and speak to the Center for Digital Engagement and think it is a good audience!” Tickets for this event are available at Eventbrite.

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