Gain Confidence at the CDE Summer Clinic

Sasha Brown is a CDE Summer Clinic 2019 Intern with Shoptelligence. She is currently completing her Master’s of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications at Eastern Michigan University. Sasha completed her undergraduate degree December 2018. She stumbled upon the CDE Summer Clinic Internship via an email from Eastern Michigan University sometime March. Three months after graduating,Continue reading “Gain Confidence at the CDE Summer Clinic”

How to Have a Successful Interview

Welcome! You’ve applied for the job and successfully received an interview! You’re wondering if you’re going to get the job, what questions they’re going to ask and how you can make things go smoothly. Interviews can be stressful to say the least! You are already on the right path though because whether you’ve stumbled upon this post orContinue reading “How to Have a Successful Interview”

Expert Advice for Interns: Jenn Hayman, Director of Marketing at Zingerman’s

To hear more stories like this and interact with companies such as Zingerman’s, Duo Security, Pinterest, Domino’s, Google, and more please join us, Friday, November 16, for The Digital Marketing Workshop! Register by October 31 with the code Early for a $10 discount. Jenn Hayman, Is the director of marketing for Zingerman’s Service Network, aContinue reading “Expert Advice for Interns: Jenn Hayman, Director of Marketing at Zingerman’s”

CDE Partnerships: Intern Talent Acquisition

Hiring the right candidate is like getting 40 percent of the job done before it even begins. In the world of tech startups, talent acquisition is one of the top challenges entrepreneurs face. Startups function more like a family than a group of coworkers. That means a new hire’s requirements go beyond a resume orContinue reading “CDE Partnerships: Intern Talent Acquisition”

Mi Padrino’s Experience Working With CDE Interns

Internships are an amazing opportunity for students to gain real world experience in their desired field. Time and time again, the Center for Digital Engagement’s interns shared with us that they “don’t just get coffee.” Interns tackle digital marketing projects spanning from paid ad campaigns to filming video content to developing wireframes for web pages,Continue reading “Mi Padrino’s Experience Working With CDE Interns”

How Will the CDE’s Summer Clinic Help You?

After students go through our summer “clinic internship” we tend to measure their success on how it has helped them in their career. Today, we are looking back at one of our previous interns to see just how the clinic assisted him! Last week, we had an interview with Brandon Lazovic. Brandon is a districtContinue reading “How Will the CDE’s Summer Clinic Help You?”

Alex Merz, Rising Googler and Entrepreneur

Alex Merz is a strategy and operations manager at Google in Ann Arbor. He is also the owner and partner of three innovative cafes and breweries in Ypsilanti. He will be the session moderator for the “New Face of Retail” panel at the Digital Marketing Workshop on November 17. Merz graduated from EMU in 2007 withContinue reading “Alex Merz, Rising Googler and Entrepreneur”

Discovering Marketing Through Real World Experience

Ian Sherk, paid media director at Career Now Brands, will be speaking at the Digital Marketing Workshop on November 17 on the “Sales on Steroids,” and “The Ask the Experts Lunch ” panels. When asking Sherk what the most important aspects of communications that marketing students should focus on he was happy to share hisContinue reading “Discovering Marketing Through Real World Experience”

The Tale of Marketing and PR Integration

Jamie Ward, a public relations professor at EMU, will be bringing her unique perspective of the evolving field of public relations as she speaks on a “Developing a Local Brand” panel at the Digital Marketing Workshop on November 17. When Ward first entered the field of public relations over a decade ago she says thatContinue reading “The Tale of Marketing and PR Integration”

Thriving From Digital Success

With so many exciting events and innovation, Washtenaw County generates millions of dollars in tax revenue every year from tourism. Those tourism tax dollars are made possible from the help of the Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. Their Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Communications, Chad Wiebesick, works hard to incorporate digital andContinue reading “Thriving From Digital Success”

Zingerman’s National Success in a Digital World

Zingerman’s is a community of businesses that has taken over the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit area, becoming a household name. As a local brand, staying loyal to only having locations in Ann Arbor, most would be surprised that Zingerman’s is a nationally recognizable brand. Over half their revenue comes from online sales through theirContinue reading “Zingerman’s National Success in a Digital World”

ContentOro Revolutionizes Book Content

“We want to help our customers effectively use content to be better advertisers and marketers,” said Bob Chunn, founder of ContentOro, who will be speaking about his innovative digital company as the second installment of the Digital Marketing Summit Fall 2017 Series at Ann Arbor Spark on Friday, October 13. For Chunn, ContentOro came toContinue reading “ContentOro Revolutionizes Book Content”

Scott Monty Says This Is The Biggest Social Media Blunder Businesses Make

What does classical civilization have to do with social media? As it turns out, a lot.  We sat down with social media pioneer Scott Monty, CEO and Founder of Scott Monty Strategies, to hear about this, what he thinks is the biggest social media blunder businesses make, and more. Scott was ranked by The EconomistContinue reading “Scott Monty Says This Is The Biggest Social Media Blunder Businesses Make”

The Secret Behind the Detroit Tigers Social Media Strategy

We sat down with Mac Slavin, Digital and Social Media Specialist for the Detroit Tigers, and spoke with him about his career, tips for job seekers, and advice he has for businesses starting out in social media. Meet him at the next breakfast speaker series on Friday, June 5th. Register here. Tell us a little aboutContinue reading “The Secret Behind the Detroit Tigers Social Media Strategy”

The Secret Sauce to a Successful Social Media Strategy is a Four Letter Word

It’s true. The secret sauce to a successful social media strategy is a four letter word. But you’ll have to hear it from David Murray, Manager of Social Media for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM). We learned a lot from him when we sat down and talked with him about his career, socialContinue reading “The Secret Sauce to a Successful Social Media Strategy is a Four Letter Word”

Introducing Chad Wiebesick, Executive In Residence

We sat down with Chad Wiebesick, the inaugural Executive in Residence for Eastern Michigan University’s Center for Digital Engagement. Chad is the head of social media for the award-winning Pure Michigan campaign and has been working with EMU for a number of years on the Search MarketingWorkshop. We talked with him to learn more aboutContinue reading “Introducing Chad Wiebesick, Executive In Residence”