How Will the CDE’s Summer Clinic Help You?

After students go through our summer “clinic internship” we tend to measure their success on how it has helped them in their career. Today, we are looking back at one of our previous interns to see just how the clinic assisted him!

Last week, we had an interview with Brandon Lazovic. Brandon is a district digital manager at General Motors. He assists a number of dealers in New Mexico and southern Colorado with website optimization, content creation, reputation management, social media promotion, CRM integration, and search engine marketing. Before Lazovic began working with General Motors he collaborated with startup companies in Ann Arbor to expand their business through digital marketing initiatives and previously served as news editor for the Eastern Echo in 2016 and as a staff writer for the EMU media relations department in 2017. Brandon successfully completed his Center for Digital Engagement Marketing Certificate and says the clinic made the final impact on whether or not he flourished in his digital marketing career.

Interviewer: “How much impact did the clinic have on you gaining your current job?”

Brandon: It was very significant! It showed I had real-life experience as well as certifications. It changed the way recruiters saw me.

Interviewer: “Did the clinic match your expectations?”

Brandon: It exceeded my expectations! At first, I was a little nervous to be fully immersed into s digital marketing job. Throughout the internship we learned so much.

Interviewer: “What is your advice for new interns to be successful during the program?”

Brandon: Client relations is my number one tip. The interns should bring value to every scenario they encounter. The internship gives you opportunities to meet so many people and work on different projects. If you want to create lasting relationships, you need to bring value to each project and person. The second tip is to learn 24/7. Digital marketing is forever changing which means you should be learning new tools every chance you get to stay ahead of the game.

Note: Brandon shared some of his resources for staying up-to-date in digital marketing.
(Moz, Buffer, and joining LinkedIn groups)

Interviewer: “What are skills needed in the Digital Marketing industry that one may not realize?”

Brandon: An idea of coding, UX design, SEO, Ads on social platforms, and soft skills like relationship building. Being able to find areas of opportunity in the digital industry is also very helpful. Whether it is with campaigns or website development, if you can find the one opportunity to improve, you are bringing value to the client.

We would like to thank Brandon for sharing his clinic experience with us!
Check out his website: for digital marketing tips and content!

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  1. Thank you again for taking the time to interview! It was an awesome conversation and I can't stress enough how much the clinic helped to kick start my career in the world of digital!

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