Mi Padrino’s Experience Working With CDE Interns

Internships are an amazing opportunity for students to gain real world experience in their desired field. Time and time again, the Center for Digital Engagement’s interns shared with us that they “don’t just get coffee.” Interns tackle digital marketing projects spanning from paid ad campaigns to filming video content to developing wireframes for web pages, and everything in between! Their hands-on education benefits not only the intern, but the companies that host them as well.

We had the opportunity to chat with Lauren Lively, Mi Padrino’s Director of Operations about her experience with the interns from the Digital Summer Clinic.

Lauren has worked with two cohorts of CDE interns. “CDE interns are hard working kids. They don’t act like interns, they are very professional.” Lauren stressed how well students are matched up with the company. “Alondra’s degree in international business and Mel’s background in marketing are both different. But they took those two very different areas of expertise, and added their own opinions and abilities to the tasks they were given.”

Mi Padrino interns have provided additional support to others at the company, too. This summer’s interns were able to pair up and create additional content, collaborate with other employees and go beyond the company’s initial needs. “…(They) end up doing more than they say they’re going to do. Their dedication goes beyond the hours that are required.”

Lauren shared that Mi Padrino has had overwhelming positive experiences with the interns they’ve worked with. The eight week internships have led to all four of their interns being offered additional work opportunities, and two of the interns being hired on after the program ended. “…(They) become part of your company. They have learned a lot while they’re here. It’s easy to onboard someone that is already is trained and knows what you need.”

Mi Padrino’s takeaway? The CDE Digital Summer Clinic interns have been an “…awesome resource for us. They’re super hard working kids.” When asked if they would continue on with the program? “Of course, we saw the value they have provided in the years before. We know that will happen again, these are smart and motivated kids.”

Copy Written By: Zvezda Deuling

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