So you’ve graduated…now what?

Change is always intimidating.  Even when backed with excitement, the unknown can still cause a little uneasiness in everyone.  Here at the CDE, we are trying to make the transition from college to post-grad as smooth as possible.  Everyone’s path is unique, but we caught up with a few CDE alumni to see how they’ve navigated their leap from college to the workforce.

It seems that although everyone has had very different individual experiences, their thoughts remain quite similar.  The transition is slow, find the right fit, and enjoy the process

Sam, who is now employed at Career Now Brands, put it very simply.  Even if you lack the experience, the transition will always be smoother than you think.  “Go in with a positive attitude, and everything will turn out well.” 

Now of course, that doesn’t mean you can count on getting the first job you interview for (no matter how positive you are).  Gabby, who is now working at Nachi Robotic Systems, interviewed for countless jobs before finally finding her home at Nachi.  “Don’t let the no’s discourage you!  Find what’s good for you, and don’t settle.”

One thing they all agreed on– their start-up experience was priceless when it came to the job hunt.  Being versatile is attractive to a company.  Sharing your experiences from the CDE Summer Internship Clinic with future employers shows them that you can roll with the punches. 

I decided to compile just a few final thoughts to encourage you all with, and hopefully help you land that dream job post-grad.

  • Tell a story – Employers love to hear exactly how you made the best out of a situation.  Show yourself off!  This is the time where you can say “I turned X into X over the course of eight weeks”, or share the specific things you learned.
  • Nobody has it figured out – Post-grad is a time where literally nobody knows what their life holds.  Some people may be moving back home and working retail while waiting for their dream job, while others are traveling the world and gaining experiences before jumping into the workforce.  Even if your path doesn’t look like everyone else’s, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
  • Get connected – Every person who spoke on the panel said they got their job through networking.  Polish that LinkedIn, go to community events, and work that smile!  Putting yourself out there will rarely have a negative impact.
  • Enjoy the ride – You’re young, you’re educated, and you have the whole world in front of you.  Enjoy the experience!
Do you have any tips to share with upcoming or recent college graduates?  Comment below!

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