Digital Marketing Practitioners Panel of Four

Similar to the roundtable session in the second All-Hands Meeting, the Digital Summer Clinic hosted professionals to aid in advising the more than 40 interns participating in the internship. This meeting was to, “learn about pathways into digital marketing, industry trends, and tips for career success,” said Jamie Ward, one of five mentors this summer.Continue reading “Digital Marketing Practitioners Panel of Four”

First Roundtable With Jorel McCree and Eric Wortman

The Digital Summer Clinic kicked off its second in-person All-Hands meeting with digital professionals on June 30, 2022. The day before the meeting, McCree posted a comment on Basecamp, a project management hub the clinic is utilizing this season.  “Think of this as an ask-us-anything session about our journey to our current roles, experience, inContinue reading “First Roundtable With Jorel McCree and Eric Wortman”

Intern Interviews (Week 1 Recap)

The first week of interviews started on May 9th and went through May 13th. We interviewed 68 applicants for the first week. For the first five days of interviews, we have come across a variety of applicants with an array of skillsets. Applicants have had a wide variety of majors, experiences, and educational backgrounds. OurContinue reading “Intern Interviews (Week 1 Recap)”

Digital Summer Interviews (Week 1): What’s Going On

We have completed company interviews and now move on to interviewing candidates for our Digital Summer Clinic internship opportunities. All eligible candidates for the Digital Summer Clinic have received emails and text confirmations inviting them to interview. Interviews will be starting on May 9th, Monday through Friday, and conclude on May 20th on Friday. InterviewsContinue reading “Digital Summer Interviews (Week 1): What’s Going On”

Where We Are in the Recruiting Process

Applications closed on April 30th, which now leads us to our upcoming Intern Interview process. Find out the latest news about our upcoming Digital Summer Clinic! Intern Application Status The application period is over, and we have received 320 applications this year! On May 4th we will begin sending out invitations to set up interviewsContinue reading “Where We Are in the Recruiting Process”

Company Interviews are Underway!

As our recruiting season starts to die down, we have started interviewing potential companies for the Digital Summer Clinic. Over the next few weeks, we evaluate each of their project descriptions and determine who will go forward in the Clinic. Here are a few of the company representatives we have spoken with: Eric Petersen –Continue reading “Company Interviews are Underway!”

Digital Live Recap Episode 7: Where are they (former interns) now?

Our guests this week for Digital Live (every Wednesday at 6:00 pm) were Sydney Pope, Kayla Henneman, DeAndre Hicks, and Gabby Giannuzzi. Check out the episode here:   Guest Backgrounds: Sydney Pope – Sydney graduated from EMU in 2020 with a degree in Public Relations. She interned with Liquid Gold Concept through the Digital SummerContinue reading “Digital Live Recap Episode 7: Where are they (former interns) now?”

Digital Live Recap Episode 6: Succeeding at In-Person and Remote Work

Our guests this week for Digital Live (every Wednesday at 6:00 pm) were Kylie Gilligan and Sheena Monnin. Guest Backgrounds: Kylie Gilligan – Graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations in spring 2021. She was a field manager for the Center for Digital Engagement and also participated in theContinue reading “Digital Live Recap Episode 6: Succeeding at In-Person and Remote Work”

Digital Live Recap Episode 5: What to Expect on the Pinterest Tour

Guest Introduction: Jorel graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2014 with a bachelor’s in Marketing. After graduating, he went on to work at Ford Motor Credit company as a Global Digital Marketing Intern. He later accepted a position at iProspect after his internship. Through networking, he was able to get a job at Pinterest. Currently,Continue reading “Digital Live Recap Episode 5: What to Expect on the Pinterest Tour”

Digital Live Recap: Episode 4 – Building Your Network Online

Our guests this week for Digital Live (every Wednesday at 6:00pm) were Harry Bhogal, Gabbie Miller, and Johnny Rodriguez. Check out the episode here:   Episode Recap:   Harry Bhogal graduated from EMU in 2019 with a major in Business Administration and a concentration in Computer Information Systems. He worked as a Field Manager forContinue reading “Digital Live Recap: Episode 4 – Building Your Network Online”

The 11th Annual Digital Marketing Workshop

The 11th annual Digital Marketing Workshop is set to return November 8-12 in an exciting new hybrid format with an array of speakers from prominent organizations like The Sam Bernstein Law Firm, Google, Pinterest, The Lip Bar, Skidmore Studio, Green Route, and many more.  The Center of Digital Engagement invites attendees to an in-person lunchContinue reading “The 11th Annual Digital Marketing Workshop”

Optimize Your Google Ads (Non-profits and Start-ups) – Digital Live with Kayla Henneman

This is Kayla Henneman, a Google Ads guru! Kayla Henneman was our guest on Digital Live (every Thursday at 6pm on our Facebook page! She gave us 5 tips to optimize Google Ads for start-ups and non-profit organizations. We discussed much more than just that in the interview, so make sure to watch the fullContinue reading “Optimize Your Google Ads (Non-profits and Start-ups) – Digital Live with Kayla Henneman”

Design Principles & Tips – Digital Live with Jordan Prisby

This is Jordan Prisby, a design and video creator. Jordan Prisby was our first guest on Digital Live (every Thursday at 6 pm on our Facebook page</a >)! She gave us a great look into some of the principles of design and video editing. These tips are very actionable and simple for those of usContinue reading “Design Principles & Tips – Digital Live with Jordan Prisby”

Lighting Options that Won’t Break the Bank

In our last post, we discussed a little bit about video conferencing. One of the most important aspects of video conferencing, or even for just making videos, is the ability to be seen, and that means having adequate lighting. Probably the most common mistake, when working from home through a camera, is using a room’sContinue reading “Lighting Options that Won’t Break the Bank”

The Digital Summer Clinic : What is all the Buzz About?

The 2020 Digital Summer Clinic is almost here and there are many potential interns who are excited for it to get underway.  We’re happy to be able to offer the Clinic, even under the current state of quarantine.  Depending on prevailing conditions in June, we’re prepared to run the clinic either remotely or in person.Continue reading “The Digital Summer Clinic : What is all the Buzz About?”

Working Remotely : Touching on the Basics

When it comes to working remotely things can seem exciting because of all the freedom you now possess and yet it can also seem daunting due to maybe not knowing where to start.  So, let’s start with the basics.  When you are working from home, you have much more control over your working environment.  InContinue reading “Working Remotely : Touching on the Basics”

Working Remotely : An Introduction

With all of us under quarantine, there is a lot of uncertainty about when we can get back to business as normal. Because of this, we seem to have been thrust into the world of video chatting and conferencing in order to get much of our activities complete.  If you are anything like me, perhapsContinue reading “Working Remotely : An Introduction”

CDE Information Session Recap

The Center for Digital Engagement hosted an information session to let students know all of the ins and outs of the 9 week digital marketing internship. The Executive’s in Residence such as Jenn Hayman, Director of Marketing for Zingerman’s, and Eric Wortman, Account Executive at Google, introduced themselves and expressed the value they believe studentsContinue reading “CDE Information Session Recap”

Upcoming CDE Events

Whether you’re a student, business professional, or community member, I’m sure you’ll find something of value at any of our upcoming CDE events. Read to find out more about what you can expect. Our Google Tour happening March 6th is the only event exclusive to EMU students. Students get to hear from EMU alums who have successfully navigated theirContinue reading “Upcoming CDE Events”

Digital Marketing Workshop Takes On Fox 2

The creator of the Digital Marketing Workshop and director of the Center for Digital Engagement, Bud Gibson, was featured on Fox 2 this morning to tell us all about the upcoming event. “The Speed of Change” is the theme of this year’s conference which will teach businesses how to get up to speed with theContinue reading “Digital Marketing Workshop Takes On Fox 2”

Getting the Leg Up When Applying for Jobs – Profile on Nicole Raymond

Want a leg up when applying for jobs? That’s exactly what Nicole Raymond got through her experience at the Center for Digital Engagement.  Working with start-up companies is unlike a normal work environment, and the experience you gain can take you far past the 8-week internship that the CDE offers. After growing up in Fenton,Continue reading “Getting the Leg Up When Applying for Jobs – Profile on Nicole Raymond”

From Farm to Ford Motor Company – Profile on Andrew Kanitz

For Andrew Kanitz, life took a turn towards digital after he decided to take a chance on the CDE Summer Internship Clinic.  Growing up, Andrew lived on a rural farm in Milan.  Life consisted of sports, farm work, and family; so coming to Eastern Michigan University was a bit of a culture shock.  After changingContinue reading “From Farm to Ford Motor Company – Profile on Andrew Kanitz”

Discovering Your Passion – Profile on Dasha Jones

When pursuing a degree, an important question to ask yourself is simply, “Do I like this?”  As a junior in college, Dasha Jones was in that exact situation and wanted to see if the marketing was right for her.  After three years of selling Sony cameras at Best Buy, she was able to land anContinue reading “Discovering Your Passion – Profile on Dasha Jones”

No Marketing Experience? No Problem! – Profile on Barbara Suzanne Collins

No marketing experience? No problem!  University of Michigan sophomore Barbara Suzanne Collins came into the CDE Summer Internship Clinic with one goal; to expand her skillset.  That’s exactly what she did.  “With the CDE, I was able to explore so many realms that I never had before!  It made me fall even more in loveContinue reading “No Marketing Experience? No Problem! – Profile on Barbara Suzanne Collins”

A Fun-Filled Experience – Profile on Makenna Giles

If you have been to the Eastern Michigan University Student Center lately, you’ve probably seen Makenna Giles helping coordinate all of the events and designing various graphics.  The Chicago native has worked as a marketing coordinator at the Student Center since October of 2018.  Although Makenna is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in GraphicContinue reading “A Fun-Filled Experience – Profile on Makenna Giles”

From Dartmouth to Downtown – Profile on Abe Joo

An internship with the Center for Digital Engagement (CDE) is much more than just a summer job.  It is the beginning of a network that can jumpstart your career and, let’s face it, that’s what most students are looking for. Connecting with business professionals is the whole reason Abe Joo, CDE Clinic alumni 2019, joinedContinue reading “From Dartmouth to Downtown – Profile on Abe Joo”

The Importance of Networking

As we wrap up the 2019 CDE Summer Internship clinic, the journey has really just started.  For all of the interns involved, the clinic has given us a platform to build our network and sell ourselves to future employers! Throughout the clinic, it has been stressed that networking is very important.  The reception afterward provedContinue reading “The Importance of Networking”

Final Words of Advice & Graduation Photos!

This summer flew by, especially for our summer clinic interns who spent the summer working with start-up companies! This past Tuesday and Wednesday, all of our interns graduated and attended a networking event directly afterwards. Intern, Jinkyung Byun, surprised all of the mentors with an appreciation plaque for all of their hard work. All ofContinue reading “Final Words of Advice & Graduation Photos!”

That’s a Wrap: Graduation Summer 2019

Yesterday evening, the Wednesday Cohort finished up the 2019 Summer Digital Clinic with a lovely soiree at Ann Arbor’s Bar Louie. Each participant who finished the clinic received not only certification from the CDE Clinic, but also successfully completed either Google Analytics or Google Ads Certification (or both). This summer’s highly successful clinic was theContinue reading “That’s a Wrap: Graduation Summer 2019”

Student Intern Spotlight: Jinkyung Byun

In this edition of the Student Intern Spotlight, we will take a look at someone who has a very unique story to tell. Meet Jinkyung Byun! Jinkyung is a Marketing and Human Resources Major at Eastern Michigan University. She is actually an international student from South Korea. She has a CPT (Curricular Practical Training) visaContinue reading “Student Intern Spotlight: Jinkyung Byun”

Student Intern Spotlight: Yulia Brown

In the CDE, many of our interns are undergraduate students or recent grads. Not too many of our interns have Master’s degrees. It’s not often that a typical intern, if there was a such thing, has a Master’s degree from another country. Meet Yulia Brown! Yulia is a 24 years old and has her Master’sContinue reading “Student Intern Spotlight: Yulia Brown”

The interview you’ve all been waiting for…Bud Gibson

If you are a student at the College of Business, an intern with the CDE, or even a small business owner, there’s a good chance you know Bud Gibson.  He is constantly chatting with students about future career endeavors and working behind the scenes to make the clinic run successfully (and let’s face it…he’s theContinue reading “The interview you’ve all been waiting for…Bud Gibson”

Tips for Digital Career Success from Angelina Miller of Google and Jorel McCree of Pinterest

Wednesday Cohort’s final invited speakers were Angelina Miller, a Manager for Agency Relations at Google, and Jorel McCree, an Account Manager at Pinterest. Both Miller and McCree attended college in the area and broke into digital careers. After various internships, both eventually worked together at iProspect before breaking into larger companies.      Learn Everything YouContinue reading “Tips for Digital Career Success from Angelina Miller of Google and Jorel McCree of Pinterest”

Reminder: Summer Clinic Reception on August 13th and August 14th!

The end of the summer is nigh! Participants of the 2019 Summer Digital Clinic will join alumni and friends on Tuesday, August 13th and Wednesday, August 14th for celebratory networking events. Light bites and drinks will be provided buffet style on Bar Louie’s patio beginning at 7:30 P.M. Individuals from both cohorts are welcome toContinue reading “Reminder: Summer Clinic Reception on August 13th and August 14th!”

What Employers Are Looking For

Welcome! During our Tuesday cohort meeting, panel speakers Ian Sherk and Jake Koppinger gave us some background about their companies, how they got to where they are and what they look for when hiring people. Ian Sherk is a 31 year old Canadian who started his career with a degree in business marketing from EasternContinue reading “What Employers Are Looking For”

Student Intern Spotlight: David Moening

Here at the CDE, we have multiple interns from the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor area that go to nearby institutions. The program loves to venture out and appeal to different areas in Michigan. Meet David Moening! David is an Advertising major from Livonia currently attending Central Michigan University. He is also minoring in Journalism. DavidContinue reading “Student Intern Spotlight: David Moening”

The Guide to Resumes

Welcome! During our most recent Tuesday Cohort Meeting, panel speakers David Jenkins and Kim Brown talked to our interns about resumes and their vital importance in the interview process. Today, we are going over how to set yourself up with good resume before an important interview!Resume Tips: 1. Make It ReadableWhen writing your resume, tryContinue reading “The Guide to Resumes”

Student Intern Spotlight: Ciara Haynes

In addition to all of the interns that work for startups in the CDE, some select interns have decided to also work with the Center for Digital Engagement itself. Meet one of the driving forces behind the CDE Alumni Reconnect Program: Ciara Haynes. Ciara is a Finance major at Eastern Michigan University who has herContinue reading “Student Intern Spotlight: Ciara Haynes”

Student Intern Spotlight: Alex Fodor

In case you weren’t aware already, social media plays a big factor in the CDE Clinic. Social media keeps our interns engaged and it also helps potential interns find out about our program. In this day in age, social media is a great way for people to discover new things. Meet Alex Fodor! A seniorContinue reading “Student Intern Spotlight: Alex Fodor”

Career Secrets from a Director of Marketing

Welcome! Our amazing clinic mentor, Jenn Hayman, agreed to share her BEST kept marketing secrets. Jenn is the Director of Marketing at Zingerman’s, a family of twelve businesses located in the Ann Arbor area. She is an Eastern Michigan University alum, a CDE pseudo alum, and she is also a member of the CDE’s advisoryContinue reading “Career Secrets from a Director of Marketing”

How to Build an Authentic Relationship in the Digital World

Doing business based on relationships is almost a thing of the past.  With eCommerce taking over, a lot of companies are struggling to find a way to connect with customers.  After talking with Denise Mahnick, VP of Marketing for Shoptelligence, and Gavin Todd, co-founder and CEO of Shopwindow, I learned a lot of ways they’reContinue reading “How to Build an Authentic Relationship in the Digital World”

Student Intern Spotlight: Pavitra Srinivasan

One of the many strengths of the CDE Clinic is that we specialize in engagement (it’s in the name.) We engage with interns who are not just from one school nor have one specific background. Even with these differences, interns feel that the overall objective is somewhat the same. Meet Pavitra Srinivasan! Pavitra is aContinue reading “Student Intern Spotlight: Pavitra Srinivasan”

The Keys to Career Success

Welcome! In our most recent Tuesday Cohort meeting, we had the pleasure of listening to panel speakers Zvezda Dueling with Ripple Science and Gavin Todd with ShopWindow. Zvezda is a Marketing Manager who participated in the CDE’s Summer Clinic Internship last year. Gavin works is a Digital Marketer who’s untraditional career path inspires people toContinue reading “The Keys to Career Success”

Spotlight On: Brian Kinsley

Unlike many students in the Center for Digital Engagement Clinic, Brian Kinsley is already steady on the path of breaking into the tech industry in Ann Arbor. After finishing up Washtenaw Community College’s Design and Development program, he had many offers for various short-term assignments and already had a significant amount of experience in theContinue reading “Spotlight On: Brian Kinsley”

Student Intern Spotlight: Jessica Finley

In the CDE, there are many different personalities and working styles between the interns. Some people are so confident in themselves that their personalities show anytime they speak. One of those people is Jessica Finley. A marketing major from EMU that switched from entrepreneurship. I recently got a chance to talk to Jessica about herContinue reading “Student Intern Spotlight: Jessica Finley”

3 Lessons to Live Life on Brand

Welcome Back! Our most recent cohort speaker, Hien Lam, is co-owner of Huck Finch, a brand agency for start-ups and designers. Hien was a passionate and captivating speaker that made the whole room want to hear more! He started off with a quote that read, “The act of dying is one of the acts of life”Continue reading “3 Lessons to Live Life on Brand”

Student Intern Spolight: Celia Arsen

Welcome! An internship gives you the practical skills, workplace knowledge and greater knowledge of your industry necessary to move up in your career. There are so many more reasons to take on an internship such as, building your confidence, growing your communication skills and getting a feel for different industries. Most people have so many questions beforeContinue reading “Student Intern Spolight: Celia Arsen”

Ann Arbor Tech Track: American Center of Mobility and the Mobility Tech Industry

When it comes to high tech businesses, there has never been a better time to be in Ann Arbor than now! What I mean by that is there has never been more opportunities to work, experience, and connect with high tech businesses in the city of Ann Arbor. The city has carved its own pathContinue reading “Ann Arbor Tech Track: American Center of Mobility and the Mobility Tech Industry”

Spotlight on: Grad Students in the Center for Digital Engagement Summer Clinic

Spotlight on: CDE Graduate Students One of the coolest things about the Center for Digital Engagement’s Summer Clinic is the wide variety of experiences that come into the clinic. Participants in the 2019 cohorts come from 10 different schools, some of them being community colleges, universities, and even graduate schools, and further diverse class standingsContinue reading “Spotlight on: Grad Students in the Center for Digital Engagement Summer Clinic”

How your Social Media can land you a JOB

As a college student in 2019, you all likely have a social media.  If not, please stop reading and make one.  Social platforms in this day and age are so much more than just sharing photos to friends and family.  It is an opportunity to showcase your talents, and connect with people all over theContinue reading “How your Social Media can land you a JOB”

How to Have A Successful Internship

Everyone’s definition of success is different. For many people success is materialistic. For others, success is measured by things such as family and friends. Many people see success as something tangible and a reachable destination. Success is not a destination, but rather a continuous process. The road to success can be long and many peopleContinue reading “How to Have A Successful Internship”

What Really is a Startup Company?

At CDE, interns are paired with various startup tech companies in the Ann Arbor area. These companies range from cyber security all the way to home services. However, starting in the CDE clinic, you may ask yourself “what’s a startup?”  Merriam- Webster defines the term start-up as “the act or an instance of setting inContinue reading “What Really is a Startup Company?”

So you’ve graduated…now what?

Change is always intimidating.  Even when backed with excitement, the unknown can still cause a little uneasiness in everyone.  Here at the CDE, we are trying to make the transition from college to post-grad as smooth as possible.  Everyone’s path is unique, but we caught up with a few CDE alumni to see how they’veContinue reading “So you’ve graduated…now what?”

Please Join Us for Breakfast with the Blue Cross, the Detroit Tigers, and Chevy

We are excited to reveal the full line-up of speakers for our first season of breakfasts. This first season will run from March through June. Our goal for the breakfast series is to bring you actionable insights from the best in digital. As we hope you’ll see from the following list, we’ve put together a line up forContinue reading “Please Join Us for Breakfast with the Blue Cross, the Detroit Tigers, and Chevy”

Introducing Chad Wiebesick, Executive In Residence

We sat down with Chad Wiebesick, the inaugural Executive in Residence for Eastern Michigan University’s Center for Digital Engagement. Chad is the head of social media for the award-winning Pure Michigan campaign and has been working with EMU for a number of years on the Search MarketingWorkshop. We talked with him to learn more aboutContinue reading “Introducing Chad Wiebesick, Executive In Residence”

The CDE’s Immediate Timeline and Priorities

The Center for Digital Engagement is currently in soft launch with full launch expected in late 2014 to early 2015. The idea for the CDE started with The Search Marketing Workshop. In its fourth year, The Workshop has doubled attendance since its inception and is attracting high profile speakers from the world of digital marketing andContinue reading “The CDE’s Immediate Timeline and Priorities”

Soft Launch of The Center for Digital Engagement

We’re soft launching The Center for Digital Engagement this weekend. As it says in our title, the center addresses the evolving nature of digital engagement in collaboration with business and community partners. The center is based on years of experience developing applied university curricula about the increasingly digital nature of engagement in our society. TheContinue reading “Soft Launch of The Center for Digital Engagement”