Ann Arbor Tech Track: American Center of Mobility and the Mobility Tech Industry

When it comes to high tech businesses, there has never been a better time to be in Ann Arbor than now!

What I mean by that is there has never been more opportunities to work, experience, and connect with high tech businesses in the city of Ann Arbor. The city has carved its own path through high technology that has many different categories of work. Ann Arbor proudly hosts its Tech Trek event every year highlighting some of the leading technology companies in the entire world. One of the most popular forms of technology that Ann Arbor dominates is mobility.

So you’re probably asking yourself how Ann Arbor is the nucleus of mobility tech  I’ll start with a brief background of myself. I’m actually from a city almost an hour away from Ann Arbor called Detroit. If you’re not familiar with Detroit, its nickname is the Motor City because of its history with automobiles. So, it would be reasonable for Ann Arbor to be influenced by Michigan’s automobile history correct? So, it would make sense if I told you that companies like Toyota make $5 million investments in research centers in Ann Arbor correct? One of the biggest testing centers in the Ann Arbor region, the American Center for Mobility, uses its multiple research environments to help automobile companies with not only testing new ideas, but ensuring the safety of these innovative ideas.

This is simply ONE reason as to why Ann Arbor is taking over high technology companies. Stay tuned and we’ll go over some of the other categories in technology that Ann Arbor will take over!

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