Final Words of Advice & Graduation Photos!

This summer flew by, especially for our summer clinic interns who spent the summer working with start-up companies! This past Tuesday and Wednesday, all of our interns graduated and attended a networking event directly afterwards. Intern, Jinkyung Byun, surprised all of the mentors with an appreciation plaque for all of their hard work. All of the interns sincerely appreciate all of the time and effort that the mentors put into this program and that was the perfect way to show it! We are so proud of all of the hard work that the interns have put in with all of the start-up companies. If you are an intern, mentor or you would like to see the graduation there will be some pictures below! Luckily, we were also able to snag a few last piece of advice from our interns:

“Do your best, Forget the rest! Go CDE!” – DeAndre Hicks 

This internship has granted me the opportunity to gain relevant industry experience, in addition to ample networking opportunities. Both are crucial to finding a good job before or after graduation.” – Josh Lewis

My name is Brian Kinsley, an intern working with TechStak & ShopWindow. This is the quote I use on my portfolio site: 
“Give then what they want, but never what they expect…” – V. McMahon

“The clinic gave me the opportunity to put into practice skills I’ve been learning in class, but haven’t gotten the chance to use yet. As a grad student, this is particularly important. I also have the advantage now of going back onto the job market with tangible, numerical results from my start up that I can use to showcase the value I bring to future employers.”  — Vee Kennedy. EMU concurrent MA student in Written Communications and Creative Writing.

“The thing that made me most successful with my company was taking initiative and doing work on my own. The mindset to find the next thing to do made a good impact with the CEO, and led to me growing my skills and accomplishing a lot.” – Lexi Morgan 

“Not only did this internship give me the experience I was looking for, it gave me confidence in a future career path. – David Moening

“No matter if you are an intern or a CEO, put your whole heart into everything that you do. All your hard work will pay off in the end!” – Jess Robine

Our interns also had the pleasure of listening to a final panel speaker, Eric Wortman, who is in charge of Sports and Ticketing for Google, give us one last piece of career advice:

“Do not underestimate yourself. Be confident in your experiences because no one has the exact same set of experiences as you do. You are one of a kind.” – Eric Wortman

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