A Fun-Filled Experience – Profile on Makenna Giles

If you have been to the Eastern Michigan University Student Center lately, you’ve probably seen Makenna Giles helping coordinate all of the events and designing various graphics.  The Chicago native has worked as a marketing coordinator at the Student Center since October of 2018.  Although Makenna is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Graphic Design, companies are looking for candidates of all skill sets to help with their digital marketing.  Makenna originally sought out the CDE Clinic internship to generate some extra income, however, she gained much more than just a paycheck.  

“Without the CDE, I wouldn’t have my current job at LawnGuru,” Makenna shared. “I love being part of the GuruFam, and I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity without the CDE!”
Makenna was hired on after her eight-week internship doing social media at the “Uber for lawn care”, LawnGuru.  Getting placed at LawnGuru allowed her to broaden her skillset in photography, graphic design, and social media.

Makenna has gotten much more than just a job out of the internship.  “I needed LinkedIn help, and I was really able to sell myself after this experience,” she explained.  “We were able to network not only with other interns but various professionals in the Ann Arbor area.”  Even though the CDE Clinic looks like just an internship from the surface, students are able to make connections in the community that can eventually land them jobs.

Don’t worry, even though students work, learn, and network, there is still room for fun.  Makenna’s piece of advice is one that I think everyone can listen to.  “Don’t get too discouraged. Things are going to flop.  Everyone fails.” she said.  “Focus on keeping things light and having fun. You’ll enjoy the work so much more when you’re being yourself.”

So, now it’s your turn to have some fun and grow your personal network!  On November 15th, the Digital Marketing Workshop is being held from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Eastern Michigan University Student Center.  This is a great way to meet with some of the CDE Clinic alumni and business leaders in the Ann Arbor area.  To sign up for the workshop, click here!

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