From Farm to Ford Motor Company – Profile on Andrew Kanitz

For Andrew Kanitz, life took a turn towards digital after he decided to take a chance on the CDE Summer Internship Clinic.  Growing up, Andrew lived on a rural farm in Milan.  Life consisted of sports, farm work, and family; so coming to Eastern Michigan University was a bit of a culture shock.  After changing his degree four times, Andrew finally decided to pursue what sparked his interest most–people.  As a public relations major with a draw to technology and data, Andrew got connected with clinic director Bud Gibson and associate professor of public relations, Jamie Ward.  
Andrew was a part of the first-ever CDE Summer Internship Clinic in 2015, working with an internet marketing service called ContentOro. After learning a lot about cold calling, email marketing, and social media, Andrew landed a full-time job there while still in school! “I learned so much about myself during this experience,” Andrew explained.  
The experience he had from the CDE is what eventually prepared him for his current job as a Connected Vehicle Feature Development and Data Engineer with Ford Motor Company.  And yes…he got that job as a Communication major!  “My boss took a chance on me because I have the ability to communicate in a concise manner about all things data.” Andrew shared.  “My experience with the CDE was one of the best someone could have.”
In the internship and throughout his career, one thing Andrew learned is that you are allowed to fail.  “Except when you’re wrong,” he explained. “And whatever you say, say with confidence.  One of the best answers you can give someone is I’m not sure, but I will find out.”  In start-up culture, these companies are hungry for workers.  You get the chance to impact things that affect their bottom line, and that’s exactly why students like Andrew are able to learn so much throughout their experience.

“One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give someone who is thinking about doing the CDE Summer Internship is to just do it,” Andrew said.  “This job can literally pave the pathway to your future career.”  Another thing Andrew mentioned is to learn some sort of coding language to help diversify your skillset.  In today’s day and age, artificial intelligence is everywhere and it all uses some type of programming language.  “Don’t be afraid if you can’t figure something out.  We have a world of resources at our fingertips, and you can Google anything.”
So…what’s holding you back from starting your career off strong?  No matter your background, major, or stage in life, digital marketing could be for you!  Check out our website to find more about the CDE Summer Internship Clinic and how it could be the perfect fit for you!

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