The Digital Summer Clinic : What is all the Buzz About?

The 2020 Digital Summer Clinic is almost here and there are many potential interns who are excited for it to get underway.  We’re happy to be able to offer the Clinic, even under the current state of quarantine.  Depending on prevailing conditions in June, we’re prepared to run the clinic either remotely or in person.
Over the course of this internship, students and recent grads will be paired up with 24 separate startups in the tech industry.  These students will be assigned to the startup that needs their specific skills and they will be put to work, gaining real experience in the process.  Interns could be creating content, crafting blog posts or videos, running ad campaigns, or assisting in programming. All of them will see the real fruits of their labors over the course of 9 weeks.
 In addition to the experience that interns get, there are so many other pay outs as well.  First and foremost, this is a paid internship at over $15 per hour.  On top of that, one of the main focuses of the clinic is professional development.  All of our interns walk away with certifications that will aid them in their future careers and with a much more established network of connections that will pay out in dividends.  But one of the most valuable aspects are the mentoring sessions.  On a weekly basis, interns will get together to present professionally on the projects that they have been working on and what results they are seeing.  On top of that, every week, experts are brought in to speak regarding their fields and what the newest developments are. Interns are afforded the opportunity to pick their brains on where the future lies for all involved.
No matter which way you look at it, the Digital Summer Clinic is a recipe for success and a good call for any young professional.  Apply today at and get your career kicked off in the right direction!


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