Digital Live Episode 8 Recap: Public relations in the Digital Age

Our guest for our last Digital Live event was Melissa Thrasher. Check out our episode here: 

Guest Background:

Melissa Thrasher- Attended Michigan State University where she studied Journalism for her undergraduate degree. A few years later she attended Wayne State University where she got her master’s in Communications. She currently works at Eastern Michigan University as the Director of Media Relations. She switched from working in health care to academia, which allowed her to try something new.


Career Tips

  • For a successful career in public relations, it is essential to be a good writer, know AP style, and write attention-grabbing headlines.
  • It is important to be a good communicator by knowing how to tell and pitch a story to the media.
  • Networking helps students and professionals in navigating career decisions. Joining organizations can help build relationships for career progression. You never know when a conversation may lead to a new opportunity.
  • Different social media platforms have different usages:
  • LinkedIn is a good tool for business professionals
  • Facebook is great for communicating with family and friends. It is an influential platform for academia as well.
  • TikTok is a great platform for a young audience.
  • For more tips, check out the full episode here

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