Digital Live Recap Episode 7: Where are they (former interns) now?

Our guests this week for Digital Live (every Wednesday at 6:00 pm) were Sydney Pope, Kayla Henneman, DeAndre Hicks, and Gabby Giannuzzi. Check out the episode here:


Guest Backgrounds:

Sydney Pope – Sydney graduated from EMU in 2020 with a degree in Public Relations. She interned with Liquid Gold Concept through the Digital Summer Clinic and stayed on after as a Digital Marketing Specialist. Today, she works as a Digital Marketing Specialist at a nonprofit, Black Girls CODE. 

Kayla Henneman – Kayla graduated from EMU in 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. She worked for AdAdapted through the Clinic, and she later went back to the company, where she stayed for over a year in a full-time role. Today, she works remotely as a Paid Search Specialist for Attentive.

DeAndre Hicks – DeAndre graduated from U of M in 2021 with a Communications degree. He worked as a Digital Marketing Intern through the Digital Summer Clinic. Today, DeAndre is working as a Digital Media Strategist at FILMFROG Marketing, which is a marketing firm targeted toward films and theaters.

Gabby Giannuzzi – Gabby graduated from EMU in 2020 with a degree in Marketing, and is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Marketing Research at MSU. She worked as a Field Manager for the CDE, and as a Digital Marketing Specialist at PassiveBolt through the Clinic. Today, she works as a Paid Media Analyst for Career Now Brands.


Success Stories

  • Kayla credits her time at AdAdapted for the skills she uses in her current role. It was a learning curve for her, as she hadn’t worked with Search Campaigns in Google Ads before. Still, she was able to adapt and improve their systems, and in doing so, she realized that working in that kind of marketing role suits her.
  • DeAndre says that the Digital Summer Clinic was his first real step into the realm of digital marketing. Previously, he had mainly worked in lead generation and face-to-face sales. After his time at the clinic, DeAndre realized that he wanted to work in digital marketing. He took a few more roles before finding his current position right before he graduated.
  • For anyone interested in PR, Sydney is currently running her own company that offers services in anything related to digital PR. She offers her services to nonprofits, authors, artists, and even a politician. She says that she likes to work with many different types of people in order to become a more well-rounded professional.
  • To hear more from our former interns, check out the episode here.

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