Intern Interviews (Week 1 Recap)

The first week of interviews started on May 9th and went through May 13th. We interviewed 68 applicants for the first week.

For the first five days of interviews, we have come across a variety of applicants with an array of skillsets. Applicants have had a wide variety of majors, experiences, and educational backgrounds. Our primary focus on screening out talent is finding what applicants fit into the companies in this year’s Digital Summer Clinic. Some important things we look for are listed as followed:

  • Experience
  • Cohort availability
  • Skillset
  • Work preferences

Twenty-four companies are participating in this year’s Digital Summer Clinic, and we are selecting two interns for each company. Interns will have the opportunity to work in person, remote, or in a hybrid scenario. After the second week of interviews is completed, on May 25th we will begin sending out acceptance emails to interns that we have selected for the program. If there are any questions regarding the application process, please send them to 

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