Alex Merz, Rising Googler and Entrepreneur

Alex Merz is a strategy and operations manager at Google in Ann Arbor. He is also the owner and partner of three innovative cafes and breweries in Ypsilanti. He will be the session moderator for the “New Face of Retail” panel at the Digital Marketing Workshop on November 17.

Merz graduated from EMU in 2007 with a BBA in accounting and finance, then went on to obtain his MBA in finance and corporate strategy in 2013 from the University of Michigan. “I decided to go to graduate school to accelerate my career. That is when you start being able to go into management tiers and seek out large tech companies, … that is what I did on graduating,” said Merz.

In his day to day role at Google, Merz recognizes how digital marketing has revolutionized the way businesses operate. He has watched the Internet create more competition than ever before, and can testify to the importance AdWords and other digital advertising products have to a business trying to succeed in a today’s market. 
“Understanding measurement and analytics is key to becoming successful in digital advertising because you have to be able to prove the value that you are delivering to your clients. Those are the most important skills that people need to be trained in today,” said Merz.
Another area of focus Merz believes that those looking to succeed in digital marketing need is networking. “You really have to rely on your networking skills to accomplish what you want, and the classroom doesn’t prepare you for that. Go to as many events as you can similar to the Digital Marketing Workshop,” said Merz. 
Merz is excited that the Digital Marketing Workshop is bringing the community together to engage and learn with one another. “It is rare to have an opportunity  to hear from those that are so successful in the field, such as the CEO of Moosejaw. We’re excited to share these stories with the community,” said Merz. 

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