CDE Partnerships: Intern Talent Acquisition

Hiring the right candidate is like getting 40 percent of the job done before it even begins. In the world of tech startups, talent acquisition is one of the top challenges entrepreneurs face. Startups function more like a family than a group of coworkers. That means a new hire’s requirements go beyond a resume or skill set, a candidate needs to complement the company’s culture and values. So when the opportunity to work with prequalified and knowledgeable individuals presents itself, wouldn’t you take it?

Every summer, The Center for Digital Engagement precisely couples marketing interns with local companies expanding, growing and in need of manpower. Scott Goci, cofounder and CEO of TrueJob, Inc. is one of the beneficiaries of the clinic’s esteemed intern cohort. As the leader of a small startup, Scott faces the constant challenge of balancing an endless list of to-do’s with a limited team. “Having interns is a great way for us to be able to focus on things that we have wanted to accomplish for awhile, and having more help to do so as well!”

Scott sang the praises of his TrueJob interns, “Gabrielle was brilliant at helping us with design in marketing…Mark was always great at going the extra mile for us.” Gabrielle and Mark worked on generating inbound marketing content and improving user experience on the company’s website. With the interns’ management of the marketing, eagerness to help out and conquering any of the things asked of them, Scott and his cofounder Mike were able to focus their full attention on neglected business and tasks.

TrueJob cofounders, Mike Kling and Scott Goci

“I think the internship program was amazingly valuable — we got help with some of our most pressing needs.” The benefits were felt symbiotically. TrueJob allowed Gabby and Mark to experience digital marketing in the real world, and their work was impactful. Scott shared “…Because of the direct help of the interns, we’ve significantly raised our Google presence online.” As competent, carefully vetted marketers Gabrielle and Mark were able to generate new ideas and suggestions that were implemented onto the TrueJob website, advertisements and blog content.

After 8 weeks of bridging the gap between their abilities and the needs of company, TrueJob had two qualified employees prepared for on-boarding. Scott said “We’ll definitely be reaching out to both of them in the future for guidance and advice — we always appreciated their feedback and their support!”

Just like TrueJob is a better job board, the CDE summer clinic is a better way of finding future talent and growing your company. To learn more about about the opportunity to partner with the CDE and our phenomenal interns, email the clinic director Bud Gibson.

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