Accelerating the Sales Funnel

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September 28th was Accelerating the Sales Funnel, hosted by Center for Digital Engagement.
Featured company, Genomenon, discussed the challenges of moving users from free to paid services. Jenn Hayman, Director of Marketing for Zingerman’s, led us along with Bud Gibson, the discussion with Candace Chapman, Director of Marketing for Genomenon and Nicholas Woods, intern with Genomenon and student of CDE.

When discussing how to communicate with users who use Genomenon services, Chapman said, because we are small right now, our sales guy calls almost every person who signs up”. With just over 2,000 users this is a great way to connect with them. Seeing what your audience is looking for and will need moving forward is helpful for a small business that offers subscriptions.

“How do you overcome when somebody says it is too expensive.. How does that conversation work?”

Chapman explains how Genomenon offers a 30 day free trial of their professional level when someone signs up with them. “Gives people a taste, gets people hooked on it, and gives you an audience to talk to,” said Chapman.

Move free users to paid users

Email campaigns are sent to these trial users to update them on what benefits are included with the professional level. This gives value to the service and can move them to become a paid user.

“A lot of people here are to learn about marketing and email marketing, though it has its challenges, it is a great way in today’s world to get the word out, and you have to have people opted in”

Tactic to get people opted in 

Go to events, meet your audience face to face. Chapman explained a time they paid for a reception after an event. This gave an opportunity to start conversations and set up meetings. “Go where your target audience is.”

Find your audience 

It may need trial and error- talk to the people. “Mark, our founder, is our target audience” the marketing department may ask him “does this message resonate with you?”

Woods discussed how they have found unique approaches to communicate with their target audience. One outlet Genomenon has utilized is Reddit.

Know your audience and go where they are.”

Photo credit: Cody Ryan Martell

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