EMU Google Tour 2019 Recap

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Last Friday we hosted an EMU Tour at the Ann Arbor Google Office.

We had about 60 students attend. Our hosts included three EMU alumni, Eric Wortman, Angelina Miller and Ehab Shalabi. Each of them discussed what they do at Google and how they got hired. They also led groups through a tour of the Google office space for students to see the environment of working at Google.

Ehab is the newest to be hired at Google out of our hosts and shared what helps students stand out. He says it’s not about having a strong resume, it’s about having a winning one. 

“When a company has 100 resumes on their desk, what is going to make yours stand out? Find out what makes you different,” Ehab explained.

Steps you can take:

  • Get comfortable with Google Ads
  • Become Google Ads certified
  • Understand that digital advertising is the FUTURE
  • Any digital advertising experience is essential
  • Join the BOLD Internship program at Google
  • Create that Winning resume! 

After we heard from our hosts, we were able to hear from other Googlers. Mike Lorenc, Cassie Shamey, and Lauren Bennett.

Mike Lorenc, Head of Industry Ticketing & Live Events at Google, spoke about the culture, history, and innovation at Google. We discussed failures, Mike explained that even the failures of Google, such as the Google Glass, are not failures if you learn from them. Google has taken technology from  Google Glass and was able to create new, better technology.

Failure ⇒ Success.

Cassie Shamey, Technology Product Expert at Google, discussed her career and thinking outside the box. She worked her way up to where she is by learning and “failing upward.”

“Google hires smart, self-starting people,” Cassie said.

Recruiter for Google, Lauren Bennett, told us about the hiring process and what she looks for. Here is what we learned from her…

What Google looks for:

  1. How you think
  2. Leadership skills
  3. Role-related knowledge
  4. Googleyness 

“Googleyness” identifies how you work in teams, how you put the user first and how you answer ambiguous questions.

What you need on your resume:
  • Show impact you had
  • Speak to your brand
  • Showcase transferable skills
Always include your education, experience, and leadership. 

The interview experience for full-time roles:
  • 1-2 phone interviews
  • 3-4 onsite interviews
  • Have a Committee review
  • Get the offer!

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