Digital Influencer Marketing

Peer influence is one of the best ways to persuade customers to opt for your products and solutions. 

On Tuesday, March 26, we hosted the Digital Influencer Marketing event at Spark East. Our panelists included:

  • Jeff DeHaven, President and CEO of Digital Mitten
  • Bria Larine, hair and beauty social media influencer
  • Jamie Gray, Marketing Communications Manager at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

Our event was moderated by Jenn Hayman, the Zingerman’s Service Network, director of marketing. Jenn is one of the mentors this year for the CDE Summer Clinic Interns.

An influencer is someone you can help promote your business. Bria’s suggestion was to find some who is not only in your demographic but also can reach a new audience that you have yet to reach.

Tips to help your brand:

  1. Giveaways are great; it will increase engagement and following while still promoting brand awareness. 
  2. Never share content without an influencers permission. 
  3. Visual content is critical, use professional photography and video.
  4. Use Facebook TV and Instagram TV. 
  5. Do not expect anything free from an influencer. This is their livelihood. 

Where to look for a social media influencer:

Jeff suggests searching on social media. On each social media channel, you can search by hashtags and location. Search for who has high engagement and are posting similar products or services to your business.

Jamie Gray uses Google. An example would be for an article of “Best Instagram Accounts to Follow in Michigan for Weddings,” and that has given her great leads.

What to look for in an influencer:

“They may have 50,000 followers but only 20 comments on a post. I’m going to question that because the person who has 5,000 followers with the same number of comments might be a better fit for us. That person’s followers will be interested and engaged in the content.” – Jamie Gray

Ways to use influencers for your brand:

Jeff shared how his client was able to use an influencer to gain excitement and hype. If an influencer is charismatic about your product or service, it will go a long way.

Jamie explained how Cornman Farms had used an IG table at events with the media. An event might not have the best lighting or unable to access the right angle; an Instagram Table will offer props and great light for the press to take photos that will still look authentic.

For small businesses, influencers are still accessible. Bria discussed how influencers might be willing to work with you if you offer a longstanding relationship, open communication and a great attitude.

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