What Really is a Startup Company?


At CDE, interns are paired with various startup tech companies in the Ann Arbor area. These companies range from cyber security all the way to home services. However, starting in the CDE clinic, you may ask yourself “what’s a startup?” 
Merriam- Webster defines the term start-up as “the act or an instance of setting in operation or motion” or “a fledgling business enterprise.” Now, if you don’t know what the word “fledgling” means, it’s basically a way to call something “inexperienced” or “underdeveloped.” Newsflash: Startup companies are not always inexperienced or underdeveloped.
It’s natural to think that a startup company is just what some guy created in his garage. It’s so much more than that. Startups are trendsetting, trailblazing, phenomenons that change the world. Startups push limits that have never been reached before. 
When thinking of startups that carve paths for themselves and other companies, I can’t help but think of Apple. Apple constantly takes large gambles with innovative technology. Have they not with the iPod in 2001? Or how about the iPad in 2010? Apple has set the bar for other technology companies time after time again and are continuing to change the world.
So you might be reading this thinking that Apple doesn’t count due to the longevity of the company or the amount of revenue made. Ok how about Uber? Uber has turned the ride-hailing industry upside down. I hardly see taxicabs anymore (New York excluded). Uber has made over $120 million and is STILL considered as the most valuable startup company.
So if not Apple, nor Uber, what company can be considered a startup? One that has changed how we see the internet today. One that has made it easier to connect people with websites and vice versa. One that has a literal catchphrase… How about Google? Google still improves the search engine market with billions of users each day. It’s the main search engine for most devices. Have I mentioned “Just Google It” yet?
Startup companies are more than just a new tech company. It’s a mindset. There’s been a common theme within all of these companies: THEY CHANGE THE WORLD!

So, do you feel like you can define what a startup company is? Can you name more well-known companies thar=t can be considered as startups? Leave a comment!

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