How to Have A Successful Internship

Everyone’s definition of success is different. For many people success is materialistic. For others, success is measured by things such as family and friends. Many people see success as something tangible and a reachable destination. Success is not a destination, but rather a continuous process.

The road to success can be long and many people get burnt out. That is why the success tips given by CDE’s alumni in their most recent panel discussion, are so vitally important. These tips apply to anyone who is seeking an internship before or after graduating college. The tips are also here to remind you that there is always better, always greater, and always a way to improve and make the most out of any situation (especially internships).

How to Have A Successful Internship:

Tip #1: Absorb All the Information

Internships are a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow your skillset. During our panel discussion, Ryan Kellman gave his advice on how to have a successful internship, “Absorb as much info as possible and apply it to your current company. There are a lot of people willing to help you in an internship and it is a great opportunity to learn.” This information will not only help you in your internships, but you can carry on the knowledge to your future jobs.

Tip #2: Network Network Network

Networking during an internship has proven to be extremely helpful. Building and maintaining connections made during an internship can potentially help you get a job outside of the internship. These connections could potentially help you with your resume, cover letters, and so much more. By maintaining the connections you make, you could also potentially gain a relationship that leads to a mentorship. Send out your resume to anyone you build a connection with that may be able to send it in the right direction or point you in the right direction. Networking is the key to a successful internship!

Tip #3: Get Google Analytics Certified

Many of our alumni mentioned that they added their Google Analytics certification to their resume and their LinkedIn accounts, and many potential employers mentioned the certification, as did those on LinkedIn. To take a certification exam, you will need to register with Google Academy for Ads. Keep in the mind the the certification exams are completely FREE! Also keep in mind that if you don’t pass the exam, you must wait seven days before retaking it. The Google Analytics Academy website describes more in detail the overview of the certification.

Tip #4: Fix Your Failures

During an internship, working with a new company and learning their order of operations can be a challenge. The whole purpose of an internship is to be able to learn from your mistakes, and grow your skill sets. Our panel speaker, Aram Gibson said, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes along the way, they only help you grow.” In other words, make failure a virtue because it is a crucial part of life. Panel speaker, Molly Boychuk’s advice was, “Be honest about your failures, talk about what you learned from it, and what you would do better next time.” Internships are the best time to not be afraid of making mistakes because the knowledge you gain is worth so much more.

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