How your Social Media can land you a JOB

Image result for instagram logoAs a college student in 2019, you all likely have a social media.  If not, please stop reading and make one.  Social platforms in this day and age are so much more than just sharing photos to friends and family.  It is an opportunity to showcase your talents, and connect with people all over the world!  Depending on your career path, having a proper social media could land you a job!
Showcasing your work is so important, especially in digital marketing.  Social platforms allow you to share written, graphic, and multimedia content with just a few clicks.  Being able to show an employer how you’ve created a social presence will impress them, especially your start-up companies!  Below are some tips that will apply to anyone with internet, and hopefully they can help you!

  • Quality Content!  This is the most important.  You don’t need a fancy camera or a bachelor’s degree in written communication to produce quality content on social media.  Put that thinking cap on, and make it interesting!  It is also important to reduce the spelling mistakes and represent yourself respectfully on social platforms.  These are things all companies look at, so make sure they’re not finding any nasty surprises!
  • Find your niche.  You’re not going to please everyone- and that’s okay!  If you’re a finance major and are able to speak to financial topics on your LinkedIn profile, it shows you are in the loop and educated.  If you’re a communication major and appeal to beauty gurus on Instagram and Twitter, you can speak to creating your own personal brand and developing a voice for your online presence.  If you merge your target audience with your personal passion, you can develop some amazing content that will woo employers.
  • Engagement is Key!  Networking is the way most of us will land our jobs after this internship.  Engaging with companies you like and connecting with professionals you know on LinkedIn can bring you the career you’ve always dreamed of.  This is especially important if you’re interviewing with a company.  Reading up on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms will give you talking points and show that you’ve done your research
Long story short, social media isn’t just social anymore.  It is an opportunity that you can’t afford to pass up.  Whether you’re a creative or not, there is an effective way for everyone to market themselves via social media. 

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