Student Intern Spotlight: Pavitra Srinivasan

One of the many strengths of the CDE Clinic is that we specialize in engagement (it’s in the name.) We engage with interns who are not just from one school nor have one specific background. Even with these differences, interns feel that the overall objective is somewhat the same. Meet Pavitra Srinivasan! Pavitra is a Junior at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science and Statistics. Fun fact: She also works for the IT department at Michigan as well! 

Pavitra initially found out about the program through an ad on Facebook that her friend sent to her. As part of the Clinic, she is working for Jottful this summer. Jottful is a Michigan- based business that designs and services websites for small businesses. Even though Pavitra has a computer science background, she’s working more on the marketing side of things. She markets to content creators about a new ecosystem where Jottful helps their customers find other customers as well called Jottful Community.

Pavitra has also talked about how much she has learned so far! The Cohort meetings have been teaching her more about marketing and has applied to her work at Jottful. The “Fail Faster” method has played a key role in Pavitra’s learning of Google Analytics and she’ll be certified in no time!

The main objective for Pavitra is to brand herself. Networking and getting to know how startups operate will prepare Pavitra for the future. She plans to be a Software Developer after she graduates. Pavitra is also having a fun time with the CDE Clinic and is learning a lot from it.

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