The Keys to Career Success

Welcome! In our most recent Tuesday Cohort meeting, we had the pleasure of listening to panel speakers Zvezda Dueling with Ripple Science and Gavin Todd with ShopWindow. Zvezda is a Marketing Manager who participated in the CDE’s Summer Clinic Internship last year. Gavin works is a Digital Marketer who’s untraditional career path inspires people to go after their passion.

Keys To Success:

#1 Push Yourself to Make Connections
Being open to making connections and new opportunities helped Zvezda build the connections necessary to receive a job offer after her internship. During an internship, you have the opportunity to be in touch with a variety of mentors and potential employers. Through her internship, Zvezda said she learned more than she ever imagined by being open to opportunities for growth. All of the lessons learned throughout the internship propelled her career after the internship ended. Another piece of advice she gave was, “Make yourself a resource by taking all of the information you can soak up and do something with it. Figure out how your knowledge can be the most helpful and turn your skills into growth.” Zvezda also mentioned that thinking analytically and being creative during an internship will help you prove that you are useful enough to hire afterwards. Overall, the CDE’s internship program propelled Zvezda’s career by putting her in touch with the right people, and she was willing to make the necessary connections.

#2 Be Brave Enough to Go After Your Passion
Trial and failure are a part of everyone’s success journey. The hardest part is not letting the failures or fears deter you from reaching your goals. Zvezda’s most inspiring advice to achieving success was, “Being brave enough to go after something you’re passionate about and give it your all is the key to success.” Having confidence, being open and not letting anyone or anything hold you back from achieving your goals is what will propel you in your career. Be brave even in the hard moments and make the best of the circumstances you are presented with. Gavin also talked about the entrepreneurial challenges he faced with failed partnerships and businesses. He surpassed these challenges by problem solving and never giving up on his goals.

#3 Problem Solve 
Panel speaker Gavin Todd’s best advice was, “On the edge of failure confront the issue, problem solve, switch things up and outline a plan of action.” There is always the risk of failure when pursuing your passion, but not letting fear hold you back is the key to reaching success. Risk taking can be scary, but problem solving can be the key finding solutions. If your usual problem solving tricks are not working, switch things up and look at things in a new way. These steps of actions helped Gavin when facing entrepreneurial challenges. Gavin also mentioned that identifying any red flags ahead of time can save you from needing to problem solve.

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