Student Intern Spotlight: Alex Fodor

In case you weren’t aware already, social media plays a big factor in the CDE Clinic. Social media keeps our interns engaged and it also helps potential interns find out about our program. In this day in age, social media is a great way for people to discover new things. Meet Alex Fodor! A senior from Eastern Michigan University studying Electronic Media Film Studies with an Art minor. Alex originally started as a Simulation Animation and Gaming major but switched to get a broad view of digital work mixed with art.
Alex is working for a breast health and breastfeeding education company named LiquidGold Concept this summer. They make tools and simulators for hospitals to train mothers on breastfeeding. Alex plays a content creation role for the company tailoring every post to each social media platform. She has also mentioned that even though the CEO works remotely, communication is very easy and they are mainly working with the COO. 

Alex, like all of the other clinic interns, is a self-starter. She created her own social media position is the EMU Graduate School in the Office of Research Development and Administration. She’s the type to figure things out on her own and ask questions if needed. What is helping Alex this summer is learning both hands-on skills, such as Google Analytics, as well as general advice that helps younger professionals. She will graduate from EMU after the upcoming Fall semester and is taking everyday of the internship to learn skills that will help her in the future.

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