Student Intern Spotlight: Ciara Haynes

In addition to all of the interns that work for startups in the CDE, some select interns have decided to also work with the Center for Digital Engagement itself. Meet one of the driving forces behind the CDE Alumni Reconnect Program: Ciara Haynes. Ciara is a Finance major at Eastern Michigan University who has her hands in several different pots. Along with finance, she works in digital marketing, retail, and cosmetology. Fun fact: Ciara and her boyfriend have a Twitch channel that has already gained $5,000 since its creation in April! 

Ciara is working with Pocketnest which is a financial planning app directed at both the Millenial and Generation X demographics. Even though she is a Finance major, Ciara works in the marketing aspect by creating digital graphics and overlays. She also does SEO and SEM research. Ciara has actually only met most of the Pocketnest team, including the CEO, only once in person but has already made progress in improving the image of the brand. 

Ciara also plays an important role in the Alumni Reconnect program. She does data consolidation for the CDE Alumni and is planning an event for the Alumni at the end of the Clinic on August 13th and 14th (Make sure you’re there!) She joined the team to show the value that the CDE Clinic gives to people.

Ciara initially joined the CDE to feel out a different avenue since she’s so well-rounded. Even though Finance was her “Type- A” choice as a major, Digital Marketing is a field that she’s interested in as well. When you come to the Alumni Reconnect event in August, make sure to congratulate Ciara on all of her hard work!

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