Student Intern Spotlight: David Moening

Here at the CDE, we have multiple interns from the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor area that go to nearby institutions. The program loves to venture out and appeal to different areas in Michigan. Meet David Moening! David is an Advertising major from Livonia currently attending Central Michigan University. He is also minoring in Journalism.

David actually found out about the program from his brother who sent him a description on LinkedIn. His main focus for joining the Clinic was professional experience and being able to leave an impact on the startup company, Freightroll. Freightroll is a logistics company focused on mobile handoffs and e-documents. David is in control of creating marketing materials and training videos.

Being from CMU, David felt like some sort of outsider at first but then realized that there are qualities that makes everyone in the Clinic unique. One of this biggest things that David talked about was that he liked how everyone can choose their own path in their internship and plant their feet in the Ann Arbor startup community.

David hopes to one day work in an advertising agency. He feels like he’s learning how to be more of a self- starter than her already is. One of the requirements to be apart of the CDE Clinic is to be a self- starter anyway. David is using this internship to propel him to new heights in the advertising field.

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