Choosing the Perfect Internship for You

Are you a college student or recent graduate looking to gain real-world experience in your career field? The Center for Digital Engagement at EMU wants to help connect you with the perfect internship for your career.

1. Career Goals.

What is your dream job? Identify your ultimate dream job, don’t hold back! Plenty of people are out there working their dream job, why can’t it be you? Answer the following questions to create a picture of your dream job:

  • Workplace? Is this at home, seated at a cubicle, your own office building? Traveling?
  • Co-Workers? How many? What personality do you picture as your co-worker sidekick?
  • When do you want to work? 9-5? Midnight Shift? Changing Schedule?
  • Why? What is your purpose? What do you look to change in this world? An employee without a purpose is not an employee anyone wants to have. 
  • What do you want to do? Be the boss? Manage? Computer work? Are you outdoorsy? 
Do you have a picture in your head yet? If not, try an easy career quiz to help keep framing what you do or don’t want out of your career.

2. Time Commitment and Pay.

Let’s be honest, money is time and time is money. How much time are you willing to commit to? Does the pay yield the time investment? Examine your financials and see if this internship works for your budget.

3. Return on Investment. 

Return on Investment extends beyond monetary gain. What will you get out of this internship? How does this align with your career goals? Will this internship help you get there?

Examine these answers when researching and applying to internships. Use them to choose the perfect internship for you!

The Center for Digital Engagement hosts a Summer Clinic Internship annually. Learn more and decide if this internship is for you here:

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