Student Intern Spotlight: Autumn Chall

The Center for Digital Engagement Summer Clinic is an internship for students of all majors and degrees. Autumn Chall, a CDE Clinic 2019 Intern, demonstrates how her unique psychology background has helped her participate in her internship at Ripple Science.

According to, Ripple is a web-based software for CROs, Principal Investigators and Project Coordinators. Autumn pulls aspects from her unique background in lab research and academic writing experience to successfully participate in her internship with Ripple Science.

A few projects Autumn is currently tasked with are education based marketing, persona creation and contact research at Ripple Science. Autumn uses her experience with writing in academic voice to properly communicate Ripple Science’s mission to their target audience. Without this experience, Autumn feels she would have faced greater challenges marketing with Ripple Science. When Autumn lacks knowledge on a subject, she quickly asks fellow interns or co-workers to complete projects successfully.

At Ripple Science, Autumn works with two employees whom possess advanced psychology degrees: Savanna Mueller PhD, Director of Customer Success and Nestor L. Lopez-Duran PhD, Founder. Autumn found this motivating to see her field of study applied at a non-traditional psychology job. Psychology, and every degree, has a place at the CDE Summer Clinic and within the career field. 

Autumn entered the clinic with no direct experience for her assigned work at Ripple Science. However, Autumn indirectly pulls from her background and finds support quickly to help complete her tasks. There is an opportunity for every student to intern at the Center for Digital Engagement Summer Clinic, no matter your degree. 

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