Gain Confidence at the CDE Summer Clinic

Sasha Brown is a CDE Summer Clinic 2019 Intern with Shoptelligence. She is currently completing her Master’s of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications at Eastern Michigan University.

Sasha completed her undergraduate degree December 2018. She stumbled upon the CDE Summer Clinic Internship via an email from Eastern Michigan University sometime March.

Three months after graduating, Sasha was working multiple part-time positions and applying to jobs in her free time. Feeling lost amongst her discouraging job search, the CDE Summer Clinic Internship sounded like an opportunity for direction.

Five months later, Sasha is nearing the end of her internship and has a full time job lined up for when she leaves the CDE Summer Clinic Internship.

Completing the CDE Summer Clinic Internship at Shoptelligence gave Sasha confidence she could not gain working in other positions. Shoptelligence is a start-up company in Ann Arbor, Michigan selling furniture-based AI software for online shopping websites. At Shoptelligence, Sasha worked alongside fellow interns to complete a total new website creation and design.

Whilst working at Shoptelligence, Sasha recognized where her true strengths and weaknesses lie. She capitalized on these strengths on resumes and started applying to full-time positions. Her work at Shoptelligence gave her a new confidence while interviewing and luckily was able to land a full time position at JCW Agency in Brighton, Michigan.

Are you a student or recent graduate struggling to gain confidence in your career? Apply to the CDE Summer Clinic, intern and land your dream job today!

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