The Career Advice You Didn’t Know You Needed

Welcome! This week, our interns had the pleasure of listening to panel speakers Thomas Lipscomb, Shaina Bertrang and Sam Chusiano talk about their experiences with start-ups and what they learned along the way. Tom is the Vice President of Sales for PassiveBolt, the designers of smart locks for your house. Shaina works for LawnGuru, a company that offers all your lawn services in one place and the best part is, you can purchase them online. Sam is the Chief Operating Officer at LiquidGoldConcept, a breast health and lactation education company.

The Advice:

“Sometimes you have to pick up worms.” – Shaina Bertrang 

I know picking up worms might sound weird, but just hear me out. Shaina told us a story about the time that her old office had investors coming into town and everything had to be perfect. It rained the night before and when everyone arrived at the office, there were worms covering the parking lot. In an attempt to better her companies presentation to the vendors, Shaina and her team had to go out and pick up all the worms. The purpose behind this is: “Your job description is just a bunch of words on a piece of paper. You’ll often be required to do tasks that you feel may be below your pay grade. Buckle down and do it. You will learn so much from that, and those skills will lead you to success.”

“Don’t be afraid to change your mind.” – Sam Chuisano

Seems simple right? Well most of the time, we are afraid to change our minds out of fear. Sam told a story that completely changed the way I look at changing your mind. Something that may be shocking to hear is you are not throwing everything you accomplished away by changing your mind. You are actually enriching yourself by trying something new, and you have no idea how your previous knowledge is going to help you in your current role.

“Be strategic about what you’re doing, where you are and where you want to be. Whatever you’re doing be strategic.” – Tom Lipscomb

What do you waste time on? Time management can be one of the main reasons why you aren’t accomplishing your career goals. Be strategic about your time and all of the planning involved in getting where you need to go. If you spread yourself too thin, you will be too busy running in circles to get anywhere. If you don’t manage your time correctly you wont be productive, and you’ll never be able to move forward towards your goals. Being strategic is the key to a successful career.

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