The interview you’ve all been waiting for…Bud Gibson

If you are a student at the College of Business, an intern with the CDE, or even a small business owner, there’s a good chance you know Bud Gibson.  He is constantly chatting with students about future career endeavors and working behind the scenes to make the clinic run successfully (and let’s face it…he’s the one calling you even if you’re only a minute late to class). 
However, Bud’s done way more than just been a professor his whole life.  In fact, he’s been fluent in three languages and has degrees from Egypt and France in addition to the United States!  As a French and Linguistics double major, Bud spent the majority of his early career focusing on economic development in northern Africa.  One thing led to another, and he decided to get his MBA at Wharton.

Bud GibsonOnce he got that degree, Bud worked as an international airline and healthcare consultant…but he wanted more.  Finally, he went back to get his PhD from Carnegie-Mellon University.  That, my friends, is what lead him to the work that he does today.

“I like staying in touch with students and seeing them grow their careers,” Bud shared.  That is why he decided to start the Center for Digital Engagement internship.  “People would always ask me to recommend interns who could work outside a classroom environment.”

For 13 years, Bud has been running his class “practicum” style, with students having the chance to work with real organizations.  You probably know this if you’ve ever taken any of his classes outside the clinic.  Finally, the summer internship came about.  “The idea of the clinic is to give students a place where they can work with real companies, but also receive mentoring,” Bud explained.  “It’s not perfect, we don’t always succeed, but the success rate is high.”

So, I asked Bud, “What are you looking for in future candidates of the clinic?”  His response was very simple.  He wants someone with drive, intelligence, and the willingness to learn.  Working with startups is something that requires a lot of “fail faster” moments, and he wants to make sure the interns can handle it!  “Relevant experience is important…but the willingness to learn is what I often find to be the determinant.”

Are you a student and wondering whether or not the clinic is right for you?  Just have a chat with Bud…I promise he’ll talk you into it like he did me!

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