Tips for Digital Career Success from Angelina Miller of Google and Jorel McCree of Pinterest

Wednesday Cohort’s final invited speakers were Angelina Miller, a Manager for Agency Relations at Google, and Jorel McCree, an Account Manager at Pinterest. Both Miller and McCree attended college in the area and broke into digital careers. After various internships, both eventually worked together at iProspect before breaking into larger companies.   


Learn Everything You Can, and Catch Up 
McCree advocated for learning from the people around you, where ever you are. At the same time, he reminded participants that the digital field is one that’s constantly evolving and changing, so it’s always possible to catch up. 


Mindset is Everything
Both Miller and McCree encourage job seekers to embrace a ‘win or learn’ mentality, where either they’ll do well immediately or learn how to do better next time. McCree shared a story about how he once overspent a significant amount on one of his accounts. Because of that experience, he learned to place safeguards into his work to ensure it won’t happen again.    


Don’t Sell Yourself Short 
At Google, Miller now spends some of her time interviewing hopefuls. She encourages breaking down your experience concretely interviews. “One of the most important things is articulating your strengths and what you want to learn, and being able to articulate a narrative around that,” she said. “You need to be able to say ‘this is who I am, this is what I’m good at, this is why I’m different’.” 


In addition, Miller recommends being as concrete as possible on resumes, including dollar/revenue amounts and other quantitative data when possible. Cool factoids like ‘I climbed Mt. Everest’ or ‘I started a Diversity & Inclusion Initiative at my last job,’ can’t hurt, either.   


Be Strategic 
“When I was in college, the dream was Google,” said McCree. “I knew that a lot of people who end up at Google have experience at iProspect, so I applied there, and networked.” McCree emphasized the importance of building relationships and being very intentional with all aspects of your professional career.  


Keep Trying
Before entering her current position at Google, Miller applied for company 3 times. She encourages job seekers to prepare for the same. “Never give up,” she said. “Persistence is key.”  


Angelina Miller is a Manager for Agency Relations at Google. Her past pursuits included working at various nonprofits, in digital marketing, freelance work and at iProspect. 


Jorel McCree is an Account Manager at Pinterest. He has previously worked as a real estate leasing agent, and as an intern at ForCredit. He credits his experiences in college for preparing him for his career. 


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