Student Intern Spotlight: Jinkyung Byun

In this edition of the Student Intern Spotlight, we will take a look at someone who has a very unique story to tell. Meet Jinkyung Byun! Jinkyung is a Marketing and Human Resources Major at Eastern Michigan University. She is actually an international student from South Korea. She has a CPT (Curricular Practical Training) visa which is a program that temporarily allows international students with an F-1 visa to gain practical experience directly related to their major through employment and internships. Jinkyung has been a student of Bud Gibson for the past two semesters and discovered the Center for Digital Engagement from his classes.
Jinkyung is working for CSEG Powertrain Live which is a startup engineering company in Ann Arbor. It is actually the only cloud- based vehicle simulation model that checks fuel efficiency animations that condense the design process from 6 months to 6 minutes. Her main focus was industry research and how she can get the target audience to purchase the product. 
Jinkyung’s favorite part about the cohort meetings is being able to practice her public speaking. Coming over to the United States, Jinkyung felt less confident because of a language barrier but she likes to communicate with people. Also, the expert panels have helped Jinkyung understand the working field better.

Jinkyung plans to be a marketer after she graduates in 2020. Even though she has had offers from Korean companies, she wants a position with an American company and wants to learn more about American culture. She wants to encourage other international students to be apart of the Center for Digital Engagement.

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