Student Intern Spotlight: Yulia Brown

In the CDE, many of our interns are undergraduate students or recent grads. Not too many of our interns have Master’s degrees. It’s not often that a typical intern, if there was a such thing, has a Master’s degree from another country. Meet Yulia Brown! Yulia is a 24 years old and has her Master’s degree in Film Production from Russia (Yes Russia!) She has lived in Russia, Vietnam, California, and we are now lucky to have her in Michigan. She currently takes classes in Film Production at Washtenaw Community College, which is also how she found out about the Center for Digital Engagement.
Yulia is working with Pathware this summer. Pathware creates solutions to simplify digital pathology workflows and reduce the rate of repeat procedures. (Clink here for more information on Pathware is in charge of brand image and content creation. During the time of the internship she’s been creating a video for the companies’ investors, it includes planning, filming and postproduction editing. She has only been to the office once to meet everyone before filming. This is a reality of working remotely, when the main way of communicating is through video conferences. Yulia has never experienced a workspace where everyone is spaced out and it was challenging but she was able to succeed.
The most challenging thing for Yulia, before the internship, was public speaking. Interns have to present progress reports in Cohort Meetings every week. What made these reports easier for Yulia was the fact that every intern understood the marketing space. Overall, Yulia has learned more about how to be confident in presenting ideas, and how to organize the production of a video. She has gathered people around to deliver a positive result and has become a flexible team-player.
Yulia feels that she has gotten 110 times more than what she has expected out of this program. She’s already gotten a GM Talent Recruiter to inform her about a Content Creator position! However, the CDE Clinic has shown her that she wants to work for herself. She feels very accomplished with what she has done in the past 8 weeks.

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